Thursday, 12 July 2012

NSW Edmondson Park South Vision

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NSW Edmondson Park South Vision

THE Public is being given until Friday 3 August 2012 to comment on draft plans for Edmondson Park South, in south-western Sydney.
The draft plans would establish comprehensive development standards to provide a diversity of housing options and seek to improve affordability by reducing the minimum lot size for houses and semi-detached dwellings on the site  to reduce the minimum lot size from 250m2 to 200m2 for dwelling houses and semi-detached dwellings.

The Vision for Edmondson Park South 
2.1 Desired Outcomes 
Figure 2 and Table 1 below set out the broad level development outcomes for Edmondson Park South. It outlines the land uses, urban structure, major transport linkages, open space and riparian corridors, heritage areas, major infrastructure alignments and location of schools. 
Edmondson Park South will be different from most parts of western Sydney. It will become a transit oriented community providing a diverse range of higher density housing and a vibrant, mixed use town centre within a well-connected and walkable urban environment. 
Housing at Edmondson Park South will comprise a mix of housing types on predominantly smaller lots than those typically found in western Sydney. The density and character of the residential streets will be more akin to the older parts of Sydney. 
Edmondson Park South will be characterised by urban streetscapes and environmentally responsible development. High quality pathways, direct connections, attractive and safe streets will encourage walking and cycling. 
The high value natural habitat provides a visual backdrop and usable open space for the residents. The historical and environmental context adds to the sense of place and character of Edmondson Park South. 
The Town Centre will provide a traditional main street shopping experience with an enjoyable pedestrian environment. The Town Centre will provide an attractive environment for residents, business and visitors (with links to the surrounding parks and residential areas).

 A community of around 3,530 dwellings. 
 Higher density housing within walking distance of the Town Centre, rail station, bus/rail interchange and other local amenities. 
 A range of housing products and densities providing housing choice.