Sunday, 15 July 2012

NSW St Ives problems REZONING

Rezoned out of existence in St Ives

THE owner of a large vacant block of land in St Ives is frustrated by Ku-ring-gai Council's "yo-yoing" zoning laws, which are making it difficult to sell.
Terry Smith bought 2400sq m of land at 173 to 177 Mona Vale Rd in 1999, with a view to redeveloping it.

"I demolished the existing derelict old house and small flat, cleared the land and went through the process with council of rezoning it, but there's been one rezoning after another," Mr Smith said.
"In 2004 it was rezoned for a five-storey block of flats, then rezoned again to allow the block to include commercial space below."
Mr Smith says the zoning was declared invalid last year and a current draft proposal is for residential units with ground level space for office use.
"There are already too many vacant offices in St Ives; what really needs to happen is the ground level should be proper commercial use, meaning some can be some business premises, retail and office space use. If council says ground level can be only office use, no one will take that up."
Ku-ring-gai Council told the North Shore Times it could not comment on zoning matters for individual sites while public submissions for the draft local centres environment plan is under consideration.
"Public submissions closed on June 18, and we will be happy to answer any questions when the LEP is finalised," the council's spokesperson said.
Mr Smith said: "I'm retired now and all I want to do is for Ku-ring-gai Council to finalise the zoning for the correct usage for St Ives as a major town centre, then I can sell up."

source: north-shore-times