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NSW Sydney's Growth Centres

Sydney's North West and South West Growth Centres have been defined as areas which will accommodate 181,000 new dwellings and land for employment for around half a million new residents over the next 25 to 30 years.  
The North West Growth Centre is approximately 10,000 hectares – the size of Wellington, New Zealand.  
Within the LGA boundaries of Baulkham Hills, Blacktown and Hawkesbury, it will be supported by a Major Centre at Rouse Hill and will contain about 70,000 new dwellings.  It is made up of 16 ‘Precincts’, which are areas which will be progressively released over the next 30 years.  

The South West Growth Centre is within the LGA boundaries of Liverpool, 
Camden and Campbelltown and will be around the same size as Canberra. 

Comprising 18 Precincts, it is approximately 17,000 hectares and will focus on the Major Centre of Leppington, be serviced by the South West Rail Link and has capacity for around 110,000 new dwellings.  
For more information about the Growth Centres, please read our fact sheet and FAQs

Why the Growth Centres?
The Growth Centres approach to releasing land for urban
development streamlines planning processes and links planning
with infrastructure to create modern, sustainable communities.
With Sydney’s population set to hit 6 million by 2036, the NSW Government has been planning to manage this
growth in an efficient and sustainable way.

It has identified two regions of largely undeveloped land in Sydney’s north west and south west where new development will be focused. 

Almost all of this land is privately owned and is currently used for grazing and small scale agriculture, as well as some commercial and residential activity.
These regions -- the Growth Centres -- will have new schools, shops, services, business and leisure opportunities close to where 500,000 people will live over the next 30 years. This will reduce travel times and create a more sustainable lifestyle on Sydney’s fringes.
The first land releases in the Growth Centres occurred in June 2006 and construction on the first homes started in November 2007 (in the North West Growth Centre’s Colebee Precinct).

Generally, land in the Growth Centres is being rezoned for development within two years of being released (down from 7-10 years previously) through a streamlined process called Precinct Planning.
Precinct Planning brings together government agencies and local councils to plan for new communities and to coordinate more efficiently the delivery of essential infrastructure for water, sewerage, power, roads, public transport, education and other services.
The overall direction of development in each Growth Centre is guided by a Structure Plan.

The Growth Centres will have all the elements of high quality, sustainable and diverse new communities:
• Best practice urban design will protect biodiversity, regional open space and precious water resources
• Housing, roads, transport, schools, jobs and shops will be connected, ensuring safer, more practical and
liveable communities where residents can walk to local shops and services
• Sustainability will have real meaning: homes will be water wise and have smarter energy use. The need for car
use will fall as jobs, services and public transport will be closer to homes
• A range of housing densities will reflect the needs of a diversity of residents from families with children, to
retirees, singles or extended families and take advantage of amenities and services offered by town centres,
public transport and open spaces
• Communities will enjoy healthy, leafy environments featuring native trees, protected bushland areas around
creeks, open spaces, parks and recreation facilities.


Property Enquiry Forms can be downloaded from the following link:
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Property Enquiry Form
This form can be used by property owners within the North West or South West Growth Centres or other interested parties to request information from the Department of Planning about their land under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 (Growth Centres SEPP).
The Department of Planning and Infrastructure will respond in writing to confirm whether or not the property is within the Growth Centres, the Precinct the property is in, and the status of the Precinct in terms of precinct planning. 

We will also indicate if the property is identified as flood prone land (under the Growth
Centres SEPP).
(Please note: For information on land use zoning and other relevant planning information

Western Sydney Employment Area

Located near the intersection of the M4 and M7 motorways, the Western Sydney Employment Area is expected to eventually accommodate some 40,000 workers - a great benefit for people living in Western Sydney and the north west and south west growth centres.

For more information on the Western Sydney Employment Area click here
Where is the WSEA?
The WSEA is strategically located near the junction of the M4 and M7 motorways. It spans 3 Local
Government Areas – Blacktown, Penrith and Fairfield.

The road network upgrades within the wider area network were identified as part of the Erskine Park Link Road Network assessment.
These upgrades support development of the industrial area and cater for traffic
demand associated with these developments. 
Required road network upgrades are summarised in Table 2.1;
Table 2.1 External road network improvements identified in the Erskine Park Link Road Network Assessment
Location Assumed Upgrade
External road improvements for SEPP (Western Sydney Employment Area) Erskine Park, Ropes Creek and Eastern Creek
Mamre Road – Bridge over M4 Duplication & ramp upgrade
Archbold Rd – Great Western Highway to M4 Reconstruct to 2 lanes including intersection with GWH
Mamre Road – M4 to Bakers Lane Reconstruct Mamre Road to 4 lanes divided
Erskine Park Road – Coonawarra to Mamre Road Complete construction to 4 lanes divided
M4 – Archbold Rd Interchange with east facing ramps only
Archbold Rd – Great Western Highway to M4 Reconstruct to 4 lanes
Mamre Rd intersection with Great Western Highway
External road improvements for development SEPP (Western Sydney Employment Area) South of the Warragamba Pipeline
M7 – between M4 and Old Wallgrove Road
Additional 2 southbound lanes and 1 northbound lane
including the widening of access ramps to and from
External road improvements required SEPP (Western Sydney Employment Area) – 2031
Wallgrove Road – between Old Wallgrove Road and The Horsley Drive
Reconstruct Wallgrove Road to 4 lanes divided
Mamre Road – between Bakers Lane and Elizabeth
Drive Reconstruct Mamre Road to 4 lanes divided
The Horsley Drive – M7 to Ferrers Road Provide 2 eastbound lanes
Western Motorway (M4) – M7 to Erskine Park Road Provide additional lane in each direction

South West Growth Centre

Precincts released for development are:

North West Growth Centre

Precincts released for development are: