Saturday, 28 July 2012


Your property might be at risk, never to be subdivided again!
Hurry and get in quick prior to October before the new rezoning reforms come into play.
The overhaul, foreshadowed by the Baillieu government will involve the biggest changes to urban zoning since the 1990s Kennett era.
It will bring in new restrictions on development in some areas, but relaxed restrictions in others - including in so-called green wedges.
For the first time, Melbourne will be divided into three distinct residential zone categories, each of which will have different rules affecting development. They will be:
  • รข€¨"Neighbourhood residential zones" in which the local features are deemed to need protection, and where there will be the toughest restrictions on development - including on some types of subdivisions and high-rise projects.
  • "General residential zones" in which modest growth and development will be permitted.
  • "Residential growth zones" in which high-density development will be allowed.
The biggest reform of planning controls in 30 years will see suburban neighbourhoods filled with sprawling family plots declared off-limits to new developments by the Baillieu Government
But less traditional residential areas will be thrown open for more apartments, small blocks and higher-density developments under planning zones intended to set clearer controls for councils about where and what sort of buildings will be allowed.
"This zone says, 'We are going to keep the backyard' - Planning Minister Matthew Guy
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