Wednesday, 8 August 2012

NSW Alert!!! Save this website you might need it !!!

NSW Alert!!! Save this website you might need it !!!

Ok, so I always have people come up to me and ask where do I get my information from.
My list would go on for days.
Basically I am an Infoholic, yes new word Infoholic.

I love information and this website helps with my addictions.
My drug is information and its FREE.

I don't need to go down to the street corner to get it.
Its all on my trusty APPLE computer or my iPhone or my iPad or my Apple TV.
Hopefully this will be the addiction of the year that does not harm others.
Maybe it does the opposite !
I love this link below.

Why? What does it do?

Ok so you type in the suburb you are interested in and it pops up all the LEP tracks in that area.
This type of information can lead to a further investigation into Real Estate possibilities or even
get you to rethink this area or surrounding streets.
It might show you a recent development approval that could mean that an area might be better or worse to invest in. Maybe a new LEP gave allowance to development oppotunity

so here it is.
Type in your area in the search bar on the left . See what you come up with. Could be GOLD.