Monday, 3 September 2012

The free BOOMTOWN app is here YEAH YEAH YEAH

The free BOOMTOWN app is here YEAH YEAH YEAH

Would you agree that property prices and rents go up or down depending on the gap in the supply of property relative to the demand for them by tenants and buyers?

Now you can quickly compare this gap across 15,000 suburbs in Australia making the question "where do I buy" so much easier to answer.

Most of our subscribers know that we have been working incredibly hard for 9 months to make this technology (the DSR Score) available to all investors regardless of their expertise or experience with data analysis and property research.

We've bundled the DSR Score into a FREE mobile web app that is easy to use and full of know-how on the subject of property investment and research.

What's more, if you are buying (or own a property already) in a suburb with a high DSR Score, Boomtown will link you to a competitive mortgage rate not typically offered on the open market. And it's all available 'on the fly' from within the app.

If you are a beginner investor, or are particularly busy, it's now easy to tap into the vast experience and expertise of our skilled Buyers' Agent partners at the click of a button.

This is how to get Boomtown on your tablet or mobile phone

Can't remember exactly how it works or what the DSR Score is?

Until now this level of property research was simply too hard and time consuming for 99% of property investors.

Boomtown will give you peace-of-mind and confidence in your property investment decisions.

You will also enjoy being be able to ask all the right questions so vital to making a great investment.

If you are buying a property now or in the future, then make sure you keep boomtown on your mobile phone desktop ready and waiting.

Please give me your feedback and let me know if you spot any bugs typical of a new and specialised app.

Happy hunting and welcome to Boomtown.

Michael Fuller
Founding Director
Redwerks, creators of Boomtown | DSR Score