Tuesday, 9 October 2012

iPhone 5 How to get longer battery life

iPhone 5 How to get longer battery life
simple turn off LTE or commonly known as 4g
(also some features below will help with 4 and 4s and 3)

I wanted to share some tips about how to get better battery life with the iPhone 5.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not using it. when traveling and no where near home or wifi networks.
WHY phone stops constantly looking for it.
get another one hour.
Settings / Wi-Fi 
when you get home turn it back on.

Major bonus - Turn off LTE (4g).
LTE 4g is great for hotspot to laptop , but normal phone use when you don't need fast internet.
Turn it off get about another 2 hours.
Settings / General /  Cellular/ Enable LTE

Turn off Bluetooth
do you have a bluetooth or use it NO
then turn it off
Settings / Bluetooth

Turn down screen brightness just a little bit more.
Settings / Brightness & Wallpaper

Turn off location services (THIS IS A BIG SUCCER) just leave Camera on and maps.
Settings / Privacy / Locator Service 

Turn off Data send 
Settings / Privacy / Locator Service 
then go down to Advanced settings
Choose here but turn off Diagnostic & Usage and Genius for Apps Location Based Adds traffic also if you don't use it.

Turn off Push Notifications or turn off some of them check which ones you really need.
Settings / Notifications 

Switch my Mail to manual. 
Settings / Mail, contacts, Calendar / Fetch New Data / Manually 
Turn off Push too. (up the top)
now go down to Advanced  and each account here set Manual
LEAVE iCloud on.

Turn off iCloud Photo Stream. This is what all smart users do.
Settings / iCloud
turn off Mail
leave on Contacts
leave onCalendars
leave onReminders
turn off safari
leave on Notes
turn off Passbook
turn off Photo Stream
turn off Documents and Data
LEAVE ON Find MY iPhone

If for any reason you need more help finding this stuff
go to

OTHER stuff.

  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • And then Turn off notifications 
  • Follow this In Restrictions> Location Services>System Services (in the last) Turn off Location-Based iAds
  • Reduce your brightness
  • After this you just turn off iTunes Match
  • And in last you just need to turn off Shared Photo Streams