Saturday, 20 October 2012

QLD - Old plans scrapped, new plans released for Gracemere


Old plans scrapped, new plans released for Gracemere.

Gracemere Industrial Access project, project manager Charlie Lloyd-Jones with Rockhampton Regional Council Mayor Margaret Strelow. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Gracemere Industrial Access project, project manager Charlie Lloyd-Jones with Rockhampton Regional Council Mayor Margaret Strelow. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin Chris Ison
CONTROVERSIAL plans to extend Gracemere's industrial area have been scrapped and a new plan will be taken to the public in a pre-consultation period, starting today.
The new plan means only nine landholders will have their properties rezoned industrial - all along Oxley St - and previously zoned industrial areas will either be zoned light industrial or medium industrial.
Yesterday, Rockhampton Regional Council voted unanimously to release the newly developed rezoning map and to hold the pre-consultation period.
The council also voted move forward with a $3.2 million plan to upgrade Somerset Rd between Stewart St and the Gracemere Overpass.
It also voted to move forward with plans to lay sewerage and water infrastructure under the overpass, to be connected in the future to industrial sites west of the overpass.
The unusual move to hold a preconsultation period means council is holding an extra consultation period.
Normally, council sends the new plan straight to Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney to check any impacts on State Government owned land, then it would go into the official consultation period before the plan is sent to the minister for approval.
The extra consultation will include a public meeting to be held on October 29 at Gracemere Community Hall at 6.30pm.
Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow said the money for the sewerage and water infrastructure was in the budget but had been put on hold until council felt there was strong enough investment/developer interest.
"Today is about announcing the major amendment (to the Fitzroy Shire Planning Scheme) and releasing it to the public," she said.
Cr Strelow said council had tidied up as much as possible the zoning in the area, which had mismatched uses of land.
"Nearly all of Somerset Rd wanted to be zoned industrial but we are not going that way because there were a few that were really against it," she said.
She said announcing the water and sewerage works was about council showing its committment to creating the industrial area.
"All the developer interest so far is in the major area around the bypass," Cr Strelow explained.
Servicing Maintenance and Welding Group workshop manager Scott Stevens said council believed the commitment shown will be a significant catalyst in the future growth of the Gracemere Industrial Area.
"The resolutions build confidence in the future growth of the region and are crucial for business like ours to continue re-investing and staying in the region, and also attract other investors," he said.
Cr Strelow said Cr Ellen Smith and herself had met with 30 property owners and conducted 12 over-phone-interviews in developing this new plan.
Gracmere Industrial Area
New plan, released today, has nine properties changing from rural/village to industrial.
Some previously zoned industrial parcals will be more defined under new plan.
Council will now carry out pre-consultation on new plan before sending it to State Planning Minister.
Council also approved to move forward with sewerage and water works, plus upgrading of Somerset Rd.