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Australia - In the media eg development Rail Link Development Contributions

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Australia: Property & Projects - What's News - 16 October 2012

22 October 2012
Article by Lou Farinotti

In the media – National

Unlicensed commercial agents insurance unlikely
Unlicensed commercial real estate agents - a real likelihood if proposed national licensing laws get the green light - would find it hard to obtain professional indemnity insurance, according to a recent newspaper report (02 October 2012) More...
Livable Housing Australia (LHA): Safer new homes by 2020
Launched at Parliament House, Canberra, the Livable Housing Australia (LHA) will target the housing industry to achieve the Livable Housing Design Quality Mark as part of a national campaign to ensure all new homes are safer, more comfortable and easier to get around by 2020 (26 September 2012) More...

In the media – Victoria

Private sector bids invited for Victoria's largest port development
The $1.6 billion redevelopment of the Port of Melbourne reached a major milestone today, with Premier Ted Baillieu officially inviting expressions of interest seeking operators for the new Webb Dock container terminal, automotive terminal and Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) Hub (03 October 2012) Private sector bids invited for Victoria's largest port development
Victorian Construction Industry Welcomes Planning Changes
Planning changes designed to cut red tape and allow for faster and more effective decision making by imposing 12-month time limits on planning scheme amendment decisions have been welcomed by the building and construction industry in Victoria (01 October 2012)
$1 billion urban development project unlocks the south east
Planning Minister Matthew Guy officially opened a $1 billion housing development in Keysborough, one of the largest infill projects undertaken in Melbourne's growing south east corridor (27 September 2012) $1 billion urban development project unlocks the south east
Next step for fair and simple development contributions
Planning Minister Matthew Guy has appointed an independent Advisory Committee to assist in delivering an effective, transparent and simple development contribution system across Victoria (26 September 2012) Next step for fair and simple development contributions

In the media – New South Wales

North West Rail Link gets planning green light
State Government planning approval has been given to start building the North West Rail Link, marking a major milestone in the delivery of the State's biggest transport infrastructure project. The Minister for Transport said overarching approval has been given for the entire North West Rail Link project, as well as approval to start construction of the 15.5km of twin tunnels and the 4km skytrain section (01 October 2012) More...
Strong Response To Green Paper
Residents and industry groups have welcomed a move towards enhanced community participation and upfront strategic planning in the State's proposed planning system. Green Paper submissions are being published on the Department of Planning and Infrastructure's website as they are received along with workshop summaries (25 September 2012) Strong response to green paper

In the media – Queensland

Offshore wind prospects hit by grid costs
New British data shows that merely connecting wind turbines out at sea to the grid costs more per megawatt than building new gas fired power plants. This raises serious questions about the near-term economic viability of the low-carbon technology in which Germany and Britain, among others, are setting such store (03 October 2012) More...
State Development Area (SDA) changes to boost industry
The Newman Government has identified a number of opportunities to improve and clarify the development schemes of six SDAs across the State. The amendments include the addition of a voluntary but recommended pre-lodgement stage and change the definition of material change of use (MCU) to provide better clarity to the different types of development (05 October 2012) State Development Area changes to boost industry
Funding for Brisbane city stormwater reuse
The Australian Government announces it's contribution of $5.39 million towards the Brisbane City's Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Project. This project enables Brisbane City Council to use treated stormwater for a range of uses such as sport and recreational park facilities (04 October 2012) Brisbane city stormwater put to good use
Commonwealth emergency funding for Queensland tenant advice service
The Gillard Government will provide $3.3 million in emergency funding for the Queensland Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service (TAAS), a service scrapped by the Newman Government. The TAAS offers essential advice and advocacy services to tenants across Queensland, providing assistance to 80,000 households annually. Advocacy and advice services like TAAS help keep Queenslanders in their homes and are critical to preventing homelessness (03 October 2012) More...
Unpaid debts could see building licences cancelled
Building contractors who fail to pay judgment debts face the possibility of having their licence suspended or cancelled under new regulations enacted. The changes have been made through an amendment to the Financial Requirements for Licensing (FRL) under the Queensland Building Services Authority Act 1991 (28 September 2012) More...
Concerns with BCCMA amendments: Property Council
The Property Council has raised concerns with the Attorney-General about amendments proposed to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (BCCMA) and the Government's decision not to consult with industry prior to the introduction of the amendments (27 September 2012) More...
Gas Market Review Report 2012 released
The Energy Minister has released the 2012 Gas Market Review Report and reaffirmed the Newman Governments commitment to an adequate domestic gas supply, as well as the state's developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) export industry (27 September 2012) More...
Upgrades to the Port of Cairns
Queensland's Coordinator-General has declared the proposed upgrade of the Port of Cairns a significant project. The EIS process marks the beginning of a comprehensive assessment process that would look at the environmental, social and economic impacts and benefits of the project for the proposal to improve shipping access to Trinity Inlet (25 September 2012) More...

In practice and courts – Victoria

Standard Development Contributions Advisory Committee
The Minister for Planning has appointed the Standard Development Contributions Advisory Committee to provide advice on the final framework for a new standard development contributions system and on the establishment of standard levies.
The Minister for Planning has announced Ministerial Direction No. 15 which comes into effect on 25 October 2012 (not today as may have been reported). The Direction sets times to complete key steps in the planning scheme amendment process.
Late submissions to the proposed reformed zones closed on Friday 28 September 2012.

Cases – Victoria

Agape Investments Pty Ltd & Eighth Natro Pty Ltd v Chen & Ors [2012] VCC 1323 BREACH OF CONTRACT– Damages for delay – liquidated damages – penalty clauses - rectification
LEGISLATION CITED – Transfer of Land Act 1958, s89A(3) JUDGMENT – The first plaintiff's claim against the first defendant dismissed. Judgment for the second plaintiff against the first defendant in the sum of $28,550.00. Counterclaim dismissed More...
Stamatakos v Balbo (Retail Tenancies) [2012] VCAT 1408
LANDLORD AND TENANT - s.54 (2) Retail Leases Act 2003 - whether landlord had obligation to maintain common property. Competition and Consumer Act 2010 - misleading and deceptive conduct, whether representations conveyed to the tenant; whether the tenant was induced to enter into the lease in reliance of the representations – Whether guarantor able to avail himself of the set off that would otherwise have been available to the tenant. The Respondent must pay the Applicant $15,452.85 More...
Cosmopolitan Hotel (VIC) Pty Ltd & Anor v Crown Melbourne Limited & Ors (Retail Tenancies) [2012] VCAT 1407
Damages – principles of assessment – whether applicant may claim and recover reliance damages instead of expectation damages – whether the applicant is confined to nominal damages More...
Moussa v Goodhead Beer Company Pty Ltd (Retail Tenancies) [2012] VCAT 1406
LANDLORD AND TENANT – Relief from forfeiture; relevant principles, whether past breach by landlord entitles tenant to relief from forfeiture – whether offer to pay outstanding rent and outgoings on terms adequate to justify granting relief; whether failure to comply with previous undertaking given to the Tribunal relevant to exercise of discretion – dismissed More...
Besser v Alma Homes Pty Ltd [2012] VSC 460
SALE OF LAND – Amendment of plan of subdivision – Whether amendment of subdivision materially affected the lot – Whether purchaser entitled to rescind the contract – Whether purchaser entitled to repayment of deposit from vendor – Sale of Land Act 1962 (Vic) ss 9AC, 9AF More...
Versus (Aus) Pty Ltd v A.N.H. Nominees Pty Ltd & Ors (Retail Tenancies) [2012] VCAT 1442
LANDLORD AND TENANT – proper and effective service on a corporation; deemed assignment of lease; Section146 Property Law Act 1958 – whether notice was effective notice - notice to specify what acts are to be done to remedy breach. Res judicata – whether current proceeding merged in earlier judgment. Section 75 Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998 – relevant principles concerning the striking out of claim More...

Cases – Queensland

White v Downes [2012] QCAT 450
LANDLORD AND TENANT – RETAIL AND COMMERICAL TENANCIES LEGISLATION – OBLIGATIONS, PROHIBITED TERMS AND PROTECTION FOR LESSEES – MINIMUM TERM OF LEASE AND RENEWAL OF TERM – where applicant leased property with option to renew – where lessor gave notice to quit after lease expired – whether notice to quit valid – whether landlord entitled to mesne profits. Coronis v Jilt Pty Ltd & Anor [2012] QCA 66. Hampton v BHP Billiton Minerals Pty Ltd (No 2) [2012] WASC 285
Landers v Schmidt [1983] 1 Qd R 188. Lollis v Loulatzis & Anor [2007] VSC 547. Wilson v Kelly [1957] VR 147 More...

Published – articles, papers, reports – Queensland

The Queensland 2012 Gas Market Review Report
Author: Queensland Government
The report analyses factors including future pricing, supply-demand balance and peak demand, as well as barriers to market growth and increased competition in Queensland. The review found the dominance of LNG as a producer and customer in Queensland also created a high level of uncertainty for domestic supply, pricing and overall demand (September 2012) More...

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NSW Less complexity, more flexibility for NSW development: Development Control Plans' role to be reduced

 Australia: Less complexity, more flexibility for NSW development: Development Control Plans' role to be reduced

03 November 2012

A bill before Parliament to amend the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 will, if passed, considerably reduce the role of Development Control Plans (DCPs) in NSW. For developers in NSW, this should mean less complexity and more flexibility in the application of DCP controls for development projects.
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2012 sets the tone for further changes to the NSW planning system, following on from the Government's Green Paper on a New Planning System for NSW issued earlier this year.
How DCPs are currently applied
In NSW, the main planning control documents are State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) and Local Environmental Plans (LEPs). The purpose of these policies and plans are to set out planning aims and objectives, to zone for particular land uses, and set out development standards (for example, setbacks, building height and floor space ratio).
While DCPs do have statutory recognition, they are not legislative instruments like SEPPs and LEP, but are instead prepared by local councils to control development in their local government area. DCPs exist essentially as an overlay to SEPPs and LEPs. Over time, however, two things have occurred to lend greater weight to the importance of DCPs than what was perhaps originally intended:
  • many DCPs have evolved to be dense and complex documents which control almost every conceivable aspect of development in a rigid fashion; and
  • while a DCP is only one of many factors for consideration in the council's decision-making process on development applications, court decisions have held that DCPs should be a "fundamental element" and a "focal point" in decision-making, and DCPs which are applied consistently will be given more weight, meaning that they are often applied very prescriptively.
How the Bill will reduce the role of DCPs
The Bill seeks to reduce the role of DCPs in three key ways.
First, it changes the focus of DCPs from making "more detailed provision with respect to development" to merely providing "guidance" on certain matters, including giving effect to the aims of SEPPs and LEPs, "facilitating permissible development", and achieving zoning objectives. (This does not apply to DCPs which provide for complying development.)
Secondly, during a council's DA decision-making process, it will, among other things, be required to:
  • give less weight and significance to DCP provisions than to provisions in SEPPs and LEPs;
  • be flexible in applying DCP provisions and allow alternative solutions;
  • not have regard to how the DCP provisions have been applied previously, or might be applied in the future (ie. there should be no "precedent effect"); and
  • not impose more onerous standards with respect to an aspect of a development, if DCP provisions set a standard with respect to that aspect of the development and the development complies with that standard.
Finally, DCP provisions which are inconsistent or incompatible with SEPPs or LEPs, or which have the practical effect of preventing or "unreasonably restricting" otherwise permissible development that complies with development standards set out in SEPPs and LEPs, will have no effect.
The changes in the second category outlined above will apply only to development applications lodged after the new law commences operation. The other changes outlined above will however apply to all DCPs, and all development applications, whether existing or new.
How does this affect my development?
If you are considering lodging a development application in the near future for development that is contrary to an existing DCP, or where a DCP operates to limit development potential, there may be some utility in holding off in doing so until the Bill passes through the Upper House.
You might also want to re-consider development proposals which were shelved because of difficult provisions of any DCPs which applied to the proposals.
At this stage, the Bill is in the NSW Parliament's Upper House, the Legislative Council, and we expect it could be passed very soon. It appears that the Bill is a Government priority, given its swift passage through the Lower House. Even if the Bill is passed quickly, however, there is no set time-frame for commencement of the new law yet.
We may also begin to see more challenges to DCPs on the basis that their terms prevent or unreasonably restrict otherwise permissible development. The Bill does not specify what constitutes an "unreasonable restriction", but the purpose and objects of the Bill and other planning decisions will offer some useful guidance.
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Clayton Utz communications are intended to provide commentary and general information. They should not be relied upon as legal advice. Formal legal advice should be sought in particular transactions or on matters of interest arising from this bulletin. Persons listed may not be admitted in all states and territories. 

Monday, 26 November 2012

QLD Acts will change the way councils do business.

New Act reforms Councils

The biggest reform of Local Government in a generation will become law after a new Act was passed in Parliament late last night.
Local Government Minister David Crisafulli said amendments to the Local Government and City of Brisbane Acts will change the way councils do business.

The previous Act made councils less responsive to their communities because they were too busy reporting to George Street in Brisbane.

Changes include:
·         Mayors back in control of councils, so they are truly accountable to their ratepayers

·         Red tape cuts by dispensing with annual community and financial plans

·         Residential occupiers are now responsible for complying with local laws, as well as owners

·         Councils can again hold referendums on issues of significant local interest

Compulsory acquisition of land for private infrastructure facilities
In addition, for the compulsory acquisition of land, the application for a PIF must state:
  • that the proponent has negotiated, in accordance with the guidelines, for at least four months with each registered owner of the land and has taken reasonable steps to purchase the land by agreement;
  • if native title exists in relation to the land, that the proponent has taken reasonable steps to enter into an indigenous land use agreement for the land.
After a PIF is declared, but before land for the PIF is compulsorily acquired, the proponent must negotiate one final time with the registered owner and make a final unconditional offer to purchase in accordance with the guidelines, giving required information about the project. The Coordinator-General must be given evidence of compliance with this requirement.
Clayton Utz communications are intended to provide commentary and general information. They should not be relied upon as legal advice. Formal legal advice should be sought in particular transactions or on matters of interest arising from this bulletin. Persons listed may not be admitted in all states and territories.

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Consider your liabilities BEFORE purchase price? Land Tax Mortgage costs Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

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Australia: What Price Do I Sell For?

29 October 2012
Consider your liabilities BEFORE accepting a purchase price
It may seem obvious, but if you are selling a property, you need to consider a number of fiscal issues such as Land Tax, CGT, GST and mortgage costs before accepting an offer by a prospective purchaser.The figure you think sounds acceptable in the heat of the negotiations, may not actually be enough!
The purchase price you accept for a property should always be adequate to cover all of the costs associated with the sale, as well as any liabilities you may have incurred in connection with the property. These additional costs, in many instances, are not limited to just the sales agent's commission and solicitor or conveyancer's fees. All too often, Vendors accept a figure in the hope of a quick sale, only to find that they face hidden fees, charges and taxation costs they were unaware of.
Some of those other liabilities include:
Mortgage costs
Before placing a property on the market for sale, you should always check with your lender/mortgagee what the amount of the debt owing against the property is, together with any other fees or charges that may apply upon discharge of your mortgage.
There are a number of potential traps that a Vendor may fall into if they have not checked the amount that will be required to discharge their mortgage. These include:
  1. If there is more than one property held as security, and only a partial mortgage discharge is required, the valuation of the property that is to remain as security may not be at a value the Vendor had thought. This is particularly common because the banks tend to value properties for their own purposes and it is often different to the market value. This valuation discrepancy may result in the bank requiring a higher payout figure on the property being sold.
  2. Break costs may be incurred if a fixed rate applies to the loan or mortgage at the time it is to be discharged. In some cases, these break costs can be quite high - as a number of borrowers discovered in recent years when interest rates dropped significantly.
  3. A range of other fees (including exit fees) may apply to the loan that the Vendor has not factored into their pay-out calculations.
Land Tax
In some instances, Land Tax will be payable on a property that is being sold. For example, you may be liable to pay Land Tax if:
  • you own a property for investment purposes that has an unimproved land value above the threshold for any given Land Tax year.
  • you have used your residence (or any part of it) for the purpose of running a home business and/or generated income from your residence by, for example, renting a granny flat that forms part of your residence.
  • you have not lodged an initial return at the Office of State Revenue and the property being sold is NOT your principal place of residence.
Usually, Land Tax is assessed annually as at midnight on 31 December each year and it is the land owner's responsibility to ensure that they have lodged their land tax return. It is a charge against the land (not the owner), so during the purchase transaction a Purchaser will make enquiries at the Office of State Revenue. If a charge is noted against the land, the Purchaser will require all Land Tax to be paid on or before completion of a Contract.
If a Land Tax liability is not known prior to the property being sold, it can cause significant issues during the sale transaction. Not only will the Land Tax charges have to be deducted from the balance of purchase price, it can also cause delays in completion of the sale.
Further information about land tax liability can be found at the Office of State Revenue website at
Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
CGT may apply if you sell or dispose of a property you acquired on or after 20 September 1985, UNLESS you are eligible for an exemption (for example, a main residence or small business exemption).
It may also apply to land if you have constructed improvements that would attract capital gains on the land after that date (despite having owned the land prior to 20 September 1985).
The liability date for CGT is the date you enter into the Contract (that is, the date of exchange of Contracts). Thus, if you exchanged contracts before 30 June 2012 but settlement did not occur until August 2012, your CGT liability would need to be assessed with your 2011/12 income.
CGT is based on the market value of the property. Regardless of whether you intend, for example, to transfer the property to a family member for zero consideration, CGT will still apply and be based on the market value of the property.
To reduce your CGT liability, you may take into account:
  1. the purchase price that you acquired the property for;
  2. stamp duty;
  3. legal costs;
  4. real estate commission;
  5. cost of certain capital improvements;
  6. costs incurred to establish, preserve or defend your right and/or estate to title (if applicable); and
  7. if after 20 August 1991, you have non-capital costs (eg, rates payment and interest) and you have not already claimed a tax deduction for them, you may be eligible to include these in the cost base of the property.
Note: Generally, the main residence exemption would only apply if the property was your main residence for the whole period you owned it, was not used to produce assessable income, and the land on which the dwelling is situated is two hectares or less.
Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Another issue to be aware of before agreeing to a purchase price is your GST status and/or liability. If for example your Contract does not provide for GST to be added on top of the purchase price, and you are liable for GST, you may be left with having to deduct 1/11th of the purchase price to pay your GST liability.
The lesson to be learned from all of these potential traps, is to do your research whenever you are selling property. As a Vendor, you should make sure that you are fully aware of all of your liabilities before placing a property up for sale. If you are unsure about your GST status, CGT or any other potential liability, speak to your Coleman Greig solicitor or conveyancer when you request a Contract of Sale. A little time spent doing your research can ensure there are no nasty surprises during the transaction!
The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.
Specific Questions relating to this article should be addressed directly to the author.

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SO COOL >>> QLD Significant projects map


Significant projects map












Monadelphous wins Caval Ridge Mine project Commence Immediately

Monadelphous wins Caval Ridge Mine project

ENGINEERING company Monadelphous Group has been awarded a $100 million contract to construct the coal handling plant for the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance Caval Ridge Mine Project.
The contract is for the provision of civil, structural, mechanical, piping and electrical works for the coal handling plant south-east of Moranbah in Queensland.
Work will commence immediately and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of the 2013 calendar year.

400 jobs to be created at Caval Ridge Mine

How to get a job at the Caval Ridge Project – Moranbah 

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Companies Involved with the Caval Ridge Project

Bechtel - As the engineering, construction and project manager for the project, Bechtel is actively recruiting for a wide range of site and Brisbane based roles for the construction of the Caval Ridge Mine.
Thiess - $180 million earthworks contract.
AbiGroup –  $210 million contract to carry out bulk earthworks.

  ABOUT 400 jobs are expected to be created at Caval Ridge Mine, with engineering giant Monadelphous securing a $100million contract to build the mine's coal handling plant.
Construction will begin immediately at the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance owned mine, which is situated south-east of Moranbah.

Mackay Area Industry Network managing director Narelle Pearse said it was good to see things progressing well at the mine.

"The main thing for us, we are very keen to see local businesses benefit from the sub-contracting opportunities," Ms Pearse said yesterday.

"It would be good to see the work and jobs are retained in the region."

The construction news is expected to breathe fresh air into the industry, which has felt the impact of several job cuts in the past few months.

"Considering things have slowed down, the creation of new jobs is a positive thing," Ms Pearse said.
The deal between BMA and Monadelphous consists of civil, structural, mechanical, piping and electrical and instrumentation work for the coal handling plant.

The project is set to be finished by the fourth quarter of 2013. This means things are on track for the new mine as coal production is set to ramp up by 2014.

About 500 employees will be needed to run the mine site which covers 6707ha in the Isaac Regional Council area.

Caval Ridge Mine will consist of open-cut dragline, truck and shovel operations.
The total construction will create 2000 jobs. 

Jobs have been happening

Caval Ridge - Boilermakers

Thiess 7 reviews - Australia - +1 location
Thiess is a leading mining, construction and services contractor with diverse operations throughout Australia and selected international markets....
R - 1 day ago - save job - block - email - more...

Caval Ridge - Storeperson

Thiess 7 reviews - Queensland
Storeperson for their Caval Ridge Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) Project in Central Queensland. To register your interest in the position, please apply online now...
Thiess - 30+ days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Caval Ridge - Serviceman

Thiess 7 reviews - Queensland
Servicemen for their Caval Ridge Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) Project in Central Queensland. To register your interest in the position, please apply online now...
Thiess - 30+ days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Caval Ridge - Rigger

Thiess 7 reviews - Queensland
Riggers for their Caval Ridge Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) Project in Central Queensland. To register your interest in the position, please apply online now to...
Thiess - 30+ days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Caval Ridge - Scaffolders

Thiess 7 reviews - Queensland
Scaffolders for their Caval Ridge Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) Project in Central Queensland. To register your interest in the position, please apply online now...
Thiess - 30+ days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Caval Ridge - Pipe Fitters

Thiess 7 reviews - Queensland
Pipe Fitters for their Caval Ridge Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) Project in Central Queensland. To register your interest in the position, please apply online...
Thiess - 30+ days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Caval Ridge - Mechanical Fitters

Thiess 7 reviews - Queensland
Mechanical Fitters for their Caval Ridge Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) Project in Central Queensland. To register your interest in the position, please apply...
Thiess - 30+ days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Caval Ridge - Crane Operators

Thiess 7 reviews - Queensland
Crane Operators for their Caval Ridge Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) Project in Central Queensland. To register your interest in the position, please apply online...
Thiess - 30+ days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Caval Ridge - Concretors

Thiess 7 reviews - Queensland
Concretors for their Caval Ridge Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) Project in Central Queensland. To register your interest in the position, please apply online now...
Thiess - 30+ days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Caval Ridge - Material Handler

Thiess 7 reviews - Queensland
Thiess Industrial Projects are currently seeking an experienced Material Handler for their Caval Ridge Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) Project in Central...
Thiess - 30+ days ago - save job - block - email - mor

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MUST READ POSITIVE GEARED QLD Mount Isa drastic rise in rental prices in

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Former NRL ref Mander made Qld Housing Ministe

Former NRL ref Mander made Qld Housing Minister
Former NRL referee Tim Mander has been named as Queensland's new Housing Minister after Bruce Flegg was forced to resign from the portfolio yesterday.

Dr Flegg was forced to resign yesterday after his former staffer Graeme Hallett raised allegations about his interactions with his son, who works for a lobbying firm.

This morning Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said Mr Mander, who was elected earlier this year to represent the Brisbane seat of Everton, would be taking over the Housing and Public Works portfolios.

"Tim will continue on the good work started by Dr Flegg in addressing Labor's 30,000-long public housing waiting list," he said.

"Mr Mander has proven his ability, enthusiasm and passion during his time as the Assistant Minister for Sport and Racing.

"He is also a well-known identity beyond politics, in his 20-year role as an NRL referee."
Mander refereed the NRL grand finals in 2004 and 2005 and later worked as a video referee.
He was formerly the head of Scripture Union Queensland.

Dr Flegg fell on his sword after Mr Hallett raised allegations about his lobbyist register and diary.
Last night Mr Hallett reiterated that Dr Flegg never acted corruptly or for personal gain, but said the first-time minister was politically and administratively inept.

Dr Flegg, a former LNP leader when the party was in Opposition, says he will stay on as the Member for Moggill.

The Member for Mirani, Ted Malone, has been appointed Assistant Minister for Police and Community Safety.

Mr Malone says despite the new responsibilities, he will continue to chair a review into the state's Rural Fire Service.

"I'm totally committed to bringing the review report back to the Minister and the Cabinet by the end of February next year," he said.

Former minister David Gibson will replace Mr Malone as chair of State Development, Infrastructure and Industry Committee.

Rio cancels Pilbara accommodation project

Rio cancels Pilbara accommodation project

12 November, 2012

  Rio Tinto has cancelled its Rocklea Palms Pilbara accommodation expansion project.
The miner originally awarded Diploma the $44 million contract for the FIFO accommodation project in Paraburdoo in July.
However Rio has now advised the contractor that the project will not proceed beyond the building licence documentation phase, and is terminating the entire project on 29 November.

According to Diploma "the project has been deemed 'non-essential' in the current expansion program for Rio Tinto and as a result the project has been put on hold indefinitely".

Despite this Diploma is still required to carry out the work for the submission of the building licence application for the accommodation units, dry mess, and kitchen.

While it has cancelled this project, Rio did confirm that the $49 million contract for the expansion of its Wickham Accommodation project is still going ahead, stating that it "is still very much on foot and is an essential part of Rio Tinto's expansion plans".

It is part of Rio's wider $300 million Wickham expansion.

The Wickham Town Expansion Phase 2 project will create a new Wickham South subdivision and includes
212 new dwellings,
25 residential lots,
the installation of
198 new high quality FIFO accommodation units, the construction of a new
1600 metre square town administration and training centre for both the company and community, as well as the new public recreational parks.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

FIFO-only apartments planned for Perth

FIFO-only apartments planned for Perth

12 November, 2012
  A $16 million riverside apartment complex catering exclusively to FIFO miners has been proposed for Perth.
The 241 room hotel would be a short-stay option for miners, with developers stating it would ease the pressure on city hotels.
The project is earmarked to be built in the Great Eastern Highway, Ascot, 2km from Perth’s domestic airport, The West Australian reported.
Developer Demol Investments said the hotel would house 375 workers in two blocks of six and ten storeys, with a lobby, lounge and outdoor terrace with views of the Swan River.
It is expected that rooms would be pre-booked by resource companies for their staff in what developers called, ‘a new concept for Perth.’
Planners Greg Rowe and Associates, commissioned by Demol, said the building would provide a landmark at the eastern gateway to the City of Belmont.
"The serviced apartments are initially intended to meet demand from the WA resources sector, with the accommodation utilised by FIFO employees travelling between home and remote work sites," documents submitted to the City of Belmont say.
The plans for FIFO-only accommodation could help address the shortage of hotel beds in Perth, where the occupancy rate reached 86.2 per cent in the March quarter.
The City of Belmont recommended the proposal be approved, and have referred the proposal to the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel because of the size of the project.
Tourism Council WA chief executive Evan Hall welcomed the plan.
"Any short-term accommodation, that is not available for residential purposes, between the CBD and the airport would be extremely welcome," he said

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Good news from Moranbah companies Incitec Pivot - Dyna Nobel


News below
Good news from Moranbah companies Incitec Pivot
My view is that this company has gone beyond their plans for Moranbah and continues to grow.

They have a great reputation in the town and people like saying my job is to make stuff to blow stuff up.
But on a serious note.
Dyno Nobel's Moranbah operation looks to far exceeded overseas profit in the comparison margin. The risk is down since demand is giving investors a great profit in Moranbah.

They also say they are keen to develop the explosive arm and sell to China , but also locally.
They will expand and will put on new jobs.

With Caval Ridge going towards construction now they will need a lot of explosives just to get started,
so the future is bright for this company.

Good news from Moranbah companies Incitec Pivot - Dyna Nobel

The company's net profit of $510.7 million for the 12 months to September 30 was up from $463.2 million in the prior fiscal year.

The bottom line was boosted by one-off items, which delivered a $106 million benefit in fiscal 2012, and a $67 million cost in fiscal 2011.

Net profit excluding one-off items was $404.7 million in fiscal 2012, down 24 per cent on the prior year's profit of $530.1 million.

Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) in the fertiliser business fell 40 per cent to $270.9 million, but earnings from explosives rose eight per cent to $399.9 million.

Mr Fazzino said explosives currently accounted for 60 per cent of Incitec's business and generated more stable and predictable returns.

Incitec expected demand for explosives from the mining sector in Australia to pick up.

"If you look over a longer period, we're not of the view that the boom is over in Australia," Mr Fazzino said.
"Clearly, Australia is very competitive still, and as our mining customers get productivity moving again, we'd expect to see the industry revert to long-term growth rates, but there'll be a pause there."
Mr Fazzino said that in the United States, the worst of the decline in demand for explosives from the coal sector had probably passed.

The explosives business in the US was expected to generate moderate earnings growth through the sale of higher volumes to the mining and metals sector, and the quarry and construction sector.


  'The $17 million cost of the feasibility study will be expensed in the 2012 financial year."
Yet at the same time its Moranbah facility continues to grow, producing its first ammonium nitrate in July and commencing ammonia production in house in September.
The site is now on track to produce around 250 000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in its 2012/13 financial year, rising to 330 000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate the following financial year.

Incitec Pivot managing director James Fazzino says the company is lobbying the government to keep coal seam gas prices low, to keep its costs down.

"Gas is a major input into fertiliser manufacturing, particularly with our Gibson Island Plant, which ends up being fairly marginal at high gas prices," he said.
"This is a crazy result that we're ending up with.
"The result of the gas boom on the east coast of Australia is going to mean that gas consumers, industry, mining and domestic households are going to be asked to pay the world's highest prices (which is Asian oil-linked LNG prices) for our own gas."
The annual results out today coincide with a blowout of the boiler at its sulphuric acid plant in Mt Isa, causing a $25 million shutdown and loss of production for the next month.
The acid plant supplies the phosphate plant at Phosphate Hill. Mt Isa.
It will be offline for the next month while repairs take place.
The breakdown was caused by a boiler failure and will mean substantial operational losses and repair costs.
Xstrata's Copper smelter relies on the plant to capture sulphur emissions produced during copper refining, and it's unknown how the closure of the acid plant will impact Xstrata's copper operations.
Mr Fazzino says the breakdown will reduce the plant's annual output by 50,000 tonnes.
"There will be a $25 million impact in terms of repair costs, the cost of supplying Phosphate Hill with purchased acid and also under-absorption of fixed costs," he said.
"Obviously it's disappointing and not where we want to be."
Incitec Pivot is replacing the boiler rather than repairing it and Mr Fazzino says existing employees will be working throughout the recovery process.