Sunday, 4 November 2012

Inherit a property 2 years in which to sell it and no CGT

Pre CGT Property
A pre 19th September, 1985 property should be the last property you ever sell because the longer you keep it in your name the longer the capital growth will be CGT free. Subdividing it or renting it out won’t change its pre CGT status.
If you subdivide and change the name on the title ie give a block to your child, that block will lose its pre CGT status. Better that the child inherits it as the longer you live the longer the capital growth will be exempt from CGT and there is no stamp duty. On the other hand if the child has no other property they are covering with their main residence exemption, they are going to live there and the block is less than 2 hectares the only downside of transferring before you die is the stamp duty costs and the risk they may not always be able to cover it with their main residence exemption. Also consider that the best form of asset protection for your children is for their assets to be held in your name if you are less likely to be sued.
When you die your heirs will inherit any pre CGT assets you own at the market value at the date of your death. If the asset is a dwelling they have up to 2 years in which to sell it and no CGT will be payable. This 2 years can be extended if there have been undue delays at probate or the dwelling is occupied by a person who was given the right to occupy under the deceased’s will. 

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