Friday, 28 December 2012

NSW Local plans approved for 12 councils

Local plans approved for 12 councils

ImageThe NSW Government has approved 12 new standard template local environmental plans (LEPs) in a busy end to 2012. Across the State, 91 standard template LEPs have now been approved, supporting additional housing and employment opportunities. The LEPs approved during December include:

• City of Sydney LEP, which will strengthen the role of the CBD and support existing plans for a number of urban renewal sites around the city. 

The LEP consolidates rules from three separate LEPs to provide greater clarity and certainty for businesses wanting to invest in Sydney’s global financial district. It also includes a new ‘metropolitan centre’ zone to apply to the CBD.

CLICK ON TOWNS BELOW TO SEE NEW LEP, you have to also click the maps link on the page it takes you too to see what you can do in the area. You will have to find old map and compare or else just pay attention to the maximum availability of profit, so that might be to concentrate on areas of the zoning that provide a better subdivision of land then other ares.
make sense?

• Comprehensive LEPs for other metropolitan councils including

Willoughby and 

• Council-wide LEPs for the regional councils of 

Tumut and