Thursday, 31 January 2013

IF YOU NEED TO SELL Viral Marketing of a Property to sell.

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Viral Marketing of a Property to sell.

So many people ask me about this so here are my steps 

1. Look for best agent. and Market with Facebook.
Set up a new Facebook account with new email
for example property address is 1 short street narrabeen
so your new Facebook name is oneshortstreet and surname narrabeen
new email is

ok now go register Facebook under
now log into your facebook and it will be called

Once loged in 
remember this facebook page account has nothing to do with you just the property.

Up the top of facebook you have a search box.
Now put into that box Narrabeen RealEstate

Ok so friend them all , and like all of them...
Also look how many likes they have. 
Also look at some of them doing campaigns on behalf of their clients.

These are the smart ones.
You can also see who's new. And believe me you will definitely see when they do a BIG PROFIT SALE.
They will tell EVERYONE and too rightly express how good they are.

here is a new keen guy 

I also like stuff like this

But you can also create a website and link it yourself . look below

Also do your own facebook promo of your site by making a website and putting that website address in Facebook as a link. 

To make a website you have a gmail account so log into and register under your new gmail and start a blog. video link

simply put photo (name photos with street address eg 10barkerstreet1.jpg) and text of your property .
My Client Example.

I registered an actual domain here but that is not needed for a simple just use the blogger link website address link because it will still reference to the pictures you have on the blog site. Give it a go

You then simply cut and paste that address into your facebook comment and up comes your picture like in the above pictures.

I also went viral and put my property on and and

My Client Example. have a quick look at this blog it has some maps too.


You now upload all your pictures to your facebook site and start talking about it , even upload some video of the local surroundings.
To try and stay professional just don't shake the camera too much, lots of slow moving shots. Do one also of the beach or shops or Library in the town.
Maybe post some articles from the local newspaper, that make your town look good.
just copy and paste the link on the facebook comment.

If you want to now promote this page with all your info you simply go to other websites and start asking people for example to click on link to see your property.
Click on my facebook page to view my property
Now you can go to a website like a community website that you can leave comments on .

here is a good one for narrabeen go there and say. I love living in Narrabeen and have a great house to sell check it out at view my property

Ok hope this helps for now , hope to do further posts steps 2 next time.
It really is endless once you have a blogger page or facebook page link.
nothing stops you
going to other local facebook pages or websites that you can leave a comment on and posting a link to your site.
Who knows maybe you just put on your own facebook site a link to your property Facebook site and ask friends to put this link on there facebook site and VIRAL away it goes. Church facebook sites are great for this. Find local church site and promote it on their facebook too. Even go to OBAMA's facebook site and start talking about it.

Ok have to defray see you next time. Step 2 let me know if anyone did step 1 ok please , love to get comments.