Tuesday, 29 January 2013

save money on inspections

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save money on inspections
below is a website and example of a property.
You can save money by buying premade reports.


I always put the property address into this website.
And see if anyone else did an inspection .
The website can tell you if any of the providers have done an inspection or not. Not all but just the ones that align with this website. If no inspections done it will give you examples of companies that could do it.

The address above was a property I was looking at buying .

54 Alkira Ave, Cessnock NSW 2325

My problem with this property was that it could get the rent as I found out with a website to find out comparable sales and rentals. Look below. BUT what long term growth and tenants would I get?

Yes most of these buy and rent are POSITIVE GEARED.
But I have done further research by calling councils and police station to find out possible street soicial problems.
The  community groups , facebook groups in the area. e.g..http://www.facebook.com/RachelMainForCessnock?fref=ts
Now I am not saying it was all bad, actually got quite a few tips on the good areas but what i did get was an honest opinion by private messaging people through facebook and getting private response to my concerns with the area and street.
So set up a private facebook site not your own one. register another email address etc. and get more details.

Also after talking to the best reference in the area tradesmen I decided too much risk for my profile.

Hope this helps with your steps to your next purchase.