Friday, 18 January 2013

YOU MUST WATCH THIS Strandwood House Build in 10 Days

YOU MUST WATCH THIS Strandwood House Build in 10 Days

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Houses built in 10 days are popping up all over the place .

see it live go to mackay and actually watch it live
Building will start in the Eden on the Water estate at Lot 3, 146-150 Shoal Point Rd on January 30.
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IF you want to know how a builder can get a house up in half the time, you might want to check out a new system which will be utilised in Mackay later this month.
It's called the Strandwood system and company director Chris Busch said it's 50% faster than building via standard methods.
"The process removes critical paths that typically delay the building process," Mr Busch said.
"In most instances, external finish is required before you do the internal finish .. but trades can work simultaneously on site without inhibiting each others' process."
Mr Busch said the house would be built as a display home to show the market the efficiency in their building systems.
Panels are solid wood (New Zealand radiata) and they carry a 50 year warranty.
The system will be put up by Brisbane-based builders Contrast Constructions, but all other internal and external finishing work will be undertaken by Mackay contractors.
"There has been interest shown (in the system) from other builders in Mackay, but the proof's in the pudding - they want to see it, and people are welcome to come and watch it go up over those 10 days," he said.
Building will start in the Eden on the Water estate at Lot 3, 146-150 Shoal Point Rd on January 30.
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Strandwood imports a unique range of manufactured timber panels  used in the construction of our fully integrated floor, wall and roof building system.

The products we supply are engineered wood panels manufactured from 100% sustainable New Zealand Radiata and warranted for 50 years.

The products are manufactured in strict accordance with environmental standards ISO and FSC standards, they have been treated with preservatives to provide protection against fungal decay and insect attack (termites).

Strandwood structures are comparable to other established building systems with respect to durability, fire, sound, energy efficiency, affordability and quality.

Strandwood buildings offer superior performance under cyclone conditions, termite protection and are water and mould resistant.

All products have been developed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and the Australian Construction Manual.

The products are high quality, strong durable and versatile and meet the E zero formaldehyde emission level. Independant quality management is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 ensuring that our products are always of the highest quality and fit for purpose..

Strandwood's range of timber panels represents a $1 billion investment in plant and equipment, including the largest holding of FSC certified forestry in the Southern Hemisphere.