Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Heat maps and Capital Growth Maps made easy

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Australia Heat maps and Capital Growth Maps made easy.

First the link:

Next what it does.
This tool helps you see the Sale Prices and Capital Growth areas on a heat map using Google Maps.
Look below picture shows House prices. Just zoom in for more details.

Zoom in and see where houses differ from different districts. Is what Dymphna said true, 
Do the more expensive suburbs bleed the prices to the next suburbs next door?

Even better now you can change this Map to Capital Growth. Why not buy in these areas?

Capital Growth and Next Door suburbs are too techniques that can be utilised to find great future investment. Hope this helps.

p.s this also works in the USA and

Monday, 25 February 2013

Thematic Maps of House sale

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Where can you buy a house or unit under $400,000 across the capital cities and major regional markets?

 Tim LawlessTim heads up the RP Data research and analytics team, analysing real estate markets, demographics and economic trends across Australia

The issue of housing affordability always strikes a nerve here in Australia, and there is no doubt that homes across Australia’s largest capital cities are expensive by international standards.  There are plenty of studies around that aim to investigate how affordable or unaffordable Australian housing is, however I found the recent Reserve Bank of Australia article (pages 13 to 22 in the December quarter RBA Bulletin) on housing affordability to be one of the most informative studies (  The RBA point out some of the differences in methods for calculating housing affordability, particularly around the house price to income ratio and why results can be significantly and fundamentally different depending on what data and figures are being used.

The series of thematic maps below provide some geographic context
Areas shaded in the red have recorded at least 80% of house or unit sales at a price below $400,000 over the 2012 calendar year.

The concentric circles mark the 10km, 20km and 50km points from the capital city GPO.

The white space on the maps is typically areas where the number house or unit sales are either very low or non-existent.
The spatial trends are pretty clear and should come as no surprise.

The vast majority of affordable sales are generally located in the outer fringes, with very few suburbs showing a high proportion of house sales lower than $400,000 within 20km of the city.

This trend is particularly the case in the larger capitals, although there are a few exceptions.

The proportion of unit sales priced under the $400,000 mark show an improvement in proximity, demonstrating the more affordable price points that medium and high density housing options provide.

Click on each picture to blow up to see in more detail.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Xstrata dumps Thiess as manager of QLD coal mine

Xstrata dumps Thiess as manager of QLD coal mine 


Xstrata dumps Thiess as manager of QLD coal mine
Mining giant Xstrata will take control of the Collinsville Coal Mine away from Thiess as it pushes for the project to turn a profit.
According to the Fraser Coast Chronicle, a statement released by Xstrata said Collinsville Mine – in central QLD – had "suffered substantial financial losses," on the back of lower coal prices, the high Australian dollar and high operational costs.
Xstrata owns Collinsville mine, but has left its management to Thiess.
By taking over the mine, Xstrata said it hoped to "restore the mine's viability".
The media release by Xstrata said the company would work closely with Thiess but that the mine required "a more comprehensive reorganisation".
 A spokesman for Xstrata told Australian Mining the company was not in a position to ‘talk in detail’ about any changes at the mine, or whether job losses would occur, but did say that after a transition period was completed in 5 to 6 months, operational changes would be made clearer.
The mine currently produces 4.5 million tonnes of product coal per annum and employing 300 TThiess satff and 160 contractors.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

MORANBAH families are being told to pack up and move to Brisbane so mum or dad can get a job in the mines.

Move to Brisbane, get a FIFO mines job

MORANBAH families are being told to pack up and move to Brisbane so mum or dad can get a job in the mines.
And the practice has been going on for a long time, according to the Moranbah Traders Association (MTA).
"If everyone adopted fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) there would be no community," MTA liaison officer Lynnie Busk said.
Mrs Busk said the organisation had received reports of Bowen Basin mine job applicants being told to relocate to Brisbane ever since BHP Mitsubishi Alliance released its Environmental Impact Statement for its 100% FIFO Caval Ridge Operation in 2010.
This week, BMA announced the entire workforce for its Caval Ridge and Daunia mines would be sourced from Brisbane and Cairns on a FIFO basis.
"A 100% FIFO workforce means that almost 100% of their wages are being spent in another area," Ms Busk said.
The CFMEU has also said many of its members have been told to move to Brisbane to be eligible for work in the Bowen Basin.
"We're having lots of reports coming through from people who are being advised if they want to work for BHP they need a southeast Queensland address," CFMEU district vice president Steve Pierce said.
"Which flies in the face of the dribble (BMA asset president) Stephen Dumble has been going on about BHP supporting local communities."
However, a BMA spokeswoman said the company had spent $38 million on community-building initiatives in the past financial year. "We've spent that in education and training partnerships, support for childcare centres, supporting affordable housing and other social infrastructure."
Of BMA's 5000 Bowen Basin mine employees, about 80% lived and worked in the region. "FIFO is simply an opportunity to provide choice and opportunity for other employees," the spokeswoman said. It's choice our employees are always asking us for."
The controversy follows an 18-month inquiry into FIFO, chaired by independent MP Tony Windsor, which found the practice was damaging to regional communities.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Financial Destiny Loan Advice

I meet a great Finance Broker at one of Ultimate Achiever Events
Todd from Financial Destiny 1300 63 3000
Todd had many great ways to look at different situations with getting different loans.  
He thinks outside the box and still has the passion in his job, like other individual brokers I have meet in the past. Basically this guy is a good one to have on your list. 

Todd below shared some of his knowledge below and gives some great advice on ways to improve you success with Investment loans. 
You can often see Todd at Ultimate Achievers events so keep a look out for him, see if he is at their next event.

Here are a couple of niche’s that you may find useful.

Simple way to increase borrowing capacity without extra income?

All lenders add an additional 1.5% - 2% loading to the variable rate when calculating your maximum loan capacity, and this naturally reduces your borrowing capacity. However we have lenders that will use the actual rate for loan servicing, with no loading, if you choose a 3, 4 or 5 year fixed rate. This can make a significant difference and allow you to borrow more.

Credit Scoring – ways to increase your chances of approval

Nearly all banks these days use an automated credit point scoring system, so when the application is lodged the computer immediately allocates points based on a wide range of factors contained within the loan application. This often leads to a declinal before a human being has even assessed the file and once declined at stage 1 it will not be reviewed by the bank!

Here are some interesting facts about point scoring

Ø  Always give a home phone number, even if it is your work number as this scores higher
Ø  Always include cash in the bank as this also scores highly
Ø  3 years plus in current employment and residence scores highly
Ø  Superannuation balances/ Home Contents/ Vehicles all score points
Ø  Lower the LVR the higher the points scored
Ø  Property owners score higher than renters
Ø  Multiple credit inquiries can kill a deal
Ø  Credit defaults, judgements etc will hurt your score

Genuine Savings and Non Genuine Savings

As a rule, for loans over 85% LVR the lenders require you to verify genuine savings for the deposit. The deposit must be genuine savings that has been saved over a period of 3 - 6 months and be evidenced by bank statements. However if you already have equity in an existing property (owner occupied or investment) then this qualifies as genuine savings.

We can also use historical rental payments to qualify under the genuine savings rule, as long as the borrower can demonstrate a minimum 12 months satisfactory continuous rental history and the property is leased through a licensed property manager or agent. In this instance the First Home Owners Grant and other concessions can allow a borrower to purchase a property without any savings.

Don’t shop around on your own!!!

With banks using credit point scoring to approve loans, it is vital that you do not make inquiries yourself at banks, credit unions etc as each inquiry you make adds a “hit” to your personal credit file. As soon as a bank sees these inquiries on your file they will decline your loan. That is why using an experienced mortgage broker is a crucial element of your strategy, we can research multiple lenders without incurring “hits” on your file, and recommend the appropriate product for your needs, thus greatly increasing your chances of approval first time

SMSF with Offset Account up to 72% LVR

We have an SMSF loan that allows a maximum LVR of 72% for residential security, with individual trustee, and the SMSF loan also has an offset account. This allows the fund to deposit surplus cash into the SMSF offset account to reduce the interest charges on the SMSF term loan

Business debts at home loan rates!

We can use equity in residential property to refinance any business debts onto a low residential rate. This results in a significant saving in interest, lower repayments and improved cashflow. Maximum LVR is 80%

Self employed borrowers – only 1 year financials required

Nearly all banks and lenders require self employed borrowers to produce the last 2 years business financials, personal tax returns etc to assess a loan application. The banks then take an average over the 2 years, so if you have one good income year and one not so good, it will reduce your borrowing capacity. However we have a lender that only requires you to show the latest tax return and financials, so if your profit and taxable income are strong in that one year then it will greatly improve your borrowing capacity.

Owner Builders

Although most lenders pulled back significantly in this market we can still access loans owner builder loans up to 75% LVR with a registered builder, or 60% if the borrower is also the builder

Off the plan purchases extended settlement

We can arrange for approval on loans with extended settlements up to 17 months for off the plan purchases

Display Homes

Loans are available up to 75% LVR for display homes

Company Title

These are traditionally very hard loans to place, we can assist up to 85% LVR if a company title is involved

FHOG released at land settlement

One of our lenders will allow the First Home Owner Grant to be advanced at land settlement (from the construction funds approved) and then later once the FHOG is paid by the Office of State Revenue it is paid back to the construction loan

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

QLD Jimboomba Keep an eye on new development to show possible FUTURE growth Spurts

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QLD Jimboomba Keep an eye on new development to show possible FUTURE growth Spurts.
Real Estate is about picking the right spot !!!
Projected Population 120,000 by 2031 I think they will be right.

Like Mark Rolton,
Dymphna Boholt
John Fitzgerald
Kevin Doodney
Bob Andersen all say
follow the Population Growth to the Gold.
Not the rainbow .
My Rainbows are the above speakers , when ever they say follow this , I look , just have to figure out
which colour is Bob Andersen now?
Dymphna is definitely Pink.

Keeping up to date with what is happening around an area, especially if someone
is spending a lot of money can lead to a trail of research and inquiry within an area
and eventually to a deal.
Certain factors need to present the deal.
Information like the stuff above can start you on a trail and research into an area.

Here is a Development to happen in South East Qld.
What does all this mean to the area? 
Has any sold? YES
What will this new estate of such size and infrastructure have on property prices?
Where is Jimboomba?
What prices are there now in Jimboomba?
The information below show that something is going on here?

to see if they work in the area to give you some facts.

I have looked over the area and there is some serious Money there and property values.

I never heard of it before and stuff does sell there , its not sleeping.

I found a few lots for sale that I could dump a removable house on the back and be positive geared,
cost to me $80000 and rent both house $800 a week for $500000 outlay.

But more significant will be these new smaller lots.
That means a possible development like this will allow others to sub divide there own especially on the outskirts of this development.

Do some homework and look at where this new development is exactly and what streets are near by.
Here are some screen captures of my sites that I use to show some great figures , and why i am interested!

Sales have been on the move up >look . The minimum value has shifted.

look at this link
plenty have sold recently , I likes an area with current sales.

What else
Now look at the sold map

now look at the for sale map

Very interesting now I know where to start to look for an opportunity .
Oh before I forget what does the rental map look like

This is a hint as to how I evaluate an area and where to start looking?
Has anyone found where the below estate is ?????

310ha development site 39km south of the Brisbane CBD*
$30M approved State Govt funding for the delivery of key infrastructure for the area, including sewer connection for this site
4km from Jimboomba's shopping precinct, including Woolworths and Coles, tavern, restaurants and dozens of specialty retailers, with plans for a major upgrade to Stockland's Jimboomba Shopping Centre*
Rental vacancy rate of only 1.8% in the region
Stage 1 developed rural residential lots, with significant entry statement, landscaping and sales office - 90% already sold
2 further stages DA approved for 72 lots, with a sub-stage of 40 lots ready for immediate construction - median lot size 2,080m²*
Balance masterplan approved for 15 du / ha (2,500* lots) plus neighbourhood centre under the direction of award winning developer*
Closing 4pm Tuesday 9 April 2013
Mark Creevey
0408 992 222

Tony Williams
0411 822 544

James Walsh
0431 712 211

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Vic Development reform off to healthy start

source: thanks Ian

Development reform off to healthy start

The first stage of development contributions reform has been announced by the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy.
   Mr Guy released a proposed framework for standardised development contributions levies, saying it was designed to ensure Victoria had a fairer and simpler contributions regime.
   Mr Guy said the proposed development contributions framework would replace the existing costly and complicated contributions system.
   He said the first report by the Standard Development Contributions Ministerial Advisory Committee, Setting the Framework, provided a way forward for infrastructure funding that protected homebuyers from unsustainable costs and ensured adequate local infrastructure was provided at the time of development.
 “Victoria’s Development Contributions System is escalating in its costs, is complex and is a symbol of an old-fashioned planning system,” Mr Guy said.
   “Victoria needs a new, standard contributions system to ensure that development contribution funds are directed to local and community infrastructure that is most needed.
   “Our newest suburbs need to have local and community infrastructure provided early in their development.”
   He said reforming development contributions would help home buyers; provide certainty for councils and the development industry; and ensure that Melbourne’s newest communities were liveable ones.
   He said the other reforms had also been proposed to ensure that standardised levies could be sought in existing urban areas, where pressure was being applied to community infrastructure as a result of greater population density.
   “As development continues in some existing urban areas a new development contributions regime must also provide a funding source for community infrastructure that is being stretched as a result of urban infill development,” Mr Guy said.
   “As a result of these changes developers will know upfront what they need to fund and when they need to fund it.  submissions close 12 March.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Another cool website to add to your research Bookmarks

Another cool website to add to your research Bookmarks

The most important thing in property is to know when to buy and when to sell.
After all the less competition represents the best time to buy and the most competition in the market
represents the best time to sell.
Property Reporter gives you a graph to try and gauge when historically prices peaked and bottomed out.
look below
I typed in the suburb Narrabeen
and it gave me
"The median house price in Narrabeen for the past 12 months was $947,500 and the median unit price was $555,500."
Then it shows me a graph

By looking at this graph it will show the highest sales and lowest sales. Sure these are just different houses with different sale prices, it could be any expensive or cheap house on any date. BUT IS IT WORTH LOOKING INTO.
The highest price 50% of the time is paid when the market is hot.
The lowest price 50% of the time is when its not.
But as investors we want opportunity RIGHT?
So trying to find out what was the cheapest sale in an area, could direct you to a street , and also finding the most expensive house sold could again direct you to a street. Now if that street can represent good prices then other houses renovated on that street could do the same.
By looking at above graph is it just a coincidence that Feb Nov and December had the highest prices?

The website is also good at showing medium price points

How can this help. Well now you know what you need to be looking under to make good profit .
If you can find a 2 bedroom for $450,000 its worth looking at.

Now lets see how much the medium person can afford to pay for a house and how much they can't.
We need to look at average mortgage repayments and then find a house just under or around this figure .
The buyer will then be able to afford what I am selling them .

This shows you how much people in the area can afford to make in repayments.

Next you can see a list of houses SOLD and more important house that have been passed in.
These house that have been passed in should always be looked at since the sellers might be stressed.

Some houses here did not sell.?

In the reality too the site can show house that have been on the market a while and again maybe the owners will drop price ? look below see any ?

Ok so its worth trying to look through this list first instead of other websites wince you almost have a cheat sheet to lead some direction as to where a deal might be.