Tuesday, 19 February 2013

QLD Jimboomba Keep an eye on new development to show possible FUTURE growth Spurts

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QLD Jimboomba Keep an eye on new development to show possible FUTURE growth Spurts.
Real Estate is about picking the right spot !!!
Projected Population 120,000 by 2031 I think they will be right.

Like Mark Rolton,
Dymphna Boholt
John Fitzgerald
Kevin Doodney
Bob Andersen all say
follow the Population Growth to the Gold.
Not the rainbow .
My Rainbows are the above speakers , when ever they say follow this , I look , just have to figure out
which colour is Bob Andersen now?
Dymphna is definitely Pink.

Keeping up to date with what is happening around an area, especially if someone
is spending a lot of money can lead to a trail of research and inquiry within an area
and eventually to a deal.
Certain factors need to present the deal.
Information like the stuff above can start you on a trail and research into an area.

Here is a Development to happen in South East Qld.
What does all this mean to the area? 
Has any sold? YES
What will this new estate of such size and infrastructure have on property prices?
Where is Jimboomba?
What prices are there now in Jimboomba?
The information below show that something is going on here?

use http://www.propertyreporter.com.au
and http://house.ksou.cn/index.php
to see if they work in the area to give you some facts.

I have looked over the area and there is some serious Money there and property values.

I never heard of it before and stuff does sell there , its not sleeping.

I found a few lots for sale that I could dump a removable house on the back and be positive geared,
cost to me $80000 and rent both house $800 a week for $500000 outlay.

But more significant will be these new smaller lots.
That means a possible development like this will allow others to sub divide there own especially on the outskirts of this development.

Do some homework and look at where this new development is exactly and what streets are near by.
Here are some screen captures of my sites that I use to show some great figures , and why i am interested!

Sales have been on the move up >look . The minimum value has shifted.

look at this link
plenty have sold recently , I likes an area with current sales.

What else
Now look at the sold map

now look at the for sale map

Very interesting now I know where to start to look for an opportunity .
Oh before I forget what does the rental map look like

This is a hint as to how I evaluate an area and where to start looking?
Has anyone found where the below estate is ?????

310ha development site 39km south of the Brisbane CBD*
$30M approved State Govt funding for the delivery of key infrastructure for the area, including sewer connection for this site
4km from Jimboomba's shopping precinct, including Woolworths and Coles, tavern, restaurants and dozens of specialty retailers, with plans for a major upgrade to Stockland's Jimboomba Shopping Centre*
Rental vacancy rate of only 1.8% in the region
Stage 1 developed rural residential lots, with significant entry statement, landscaping and sales office - 90% already sold
2 further stages DA approved for 72 lots, with a sub-stage of 40 lots ready for immediate construction - median lot size 2,080m²*
Balance masterplan approved for 15 du / ha (2,500* lots) plus neighbourhood centre under the direction of award winning developer*
Closing 4pm Tuesday 9 April 2013
Mark Creevey
0408 992 222

Tony Williams
0411 822 544

James Walsh
0431 712 211