Sunday, 17 February 2013

Vic Development reform off to healthy start

source: thanks Ian

Development reform off to healthy start

The first stage of development contributions reform has been announced by the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy.
   Mr Guy released a proposed framework for standardised development contributions levies, saying it was designed to ensure Victoria had a fairer and simpler contributions regime.
   Mr Guy said the proposed development contributions framework would replace the existing costly and complicated contributions system.
   He said the first report by the Standard Development Contributions Ministerial Advisory Committee, Setting the Framework, provided a way forward for infrastructure funding that protected homebuyers from unsustainable costs and ensured adequate local infrastructure was provided at the time of development.
 “Victoria’s Development Contributions System is escalating in its costs, is complex and is a symbol of an old-fashioned planning system,” Mr Guy said.
   “Victoria needs a new, standard contributions system to ensure that development contribution funds are directed to local and community infrastructure that is most needed.
   “Our newest suburbs need to have local and community infrastructure provided early in their development.”
   He said reforming development contributions would help home buyers; provide certainty for councils and the development industry; and ensure that Melbourne’s newest communities were liveable ones.
   He said the other reforms had also been proposed to ensure that standardised levies could be sought in existing urban areas, where pressure was being applied to community infrastructure as a result of greater population density.
   “As development continues in some existing urban areas a new development contributions regime must also provide a funding source for community infrastructure that is being stretched as a result of urban infill development,” Mr Guy said.
   “As a result of these changes developers will know upfront what they need to fund and when they need to fund it.  submissions close 12 March.