Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The South West Growth Centre has had 3 Precincts rezoned as of Friday 15 March 2013 . These apply to Camden LGA as follows:

  • Growth Centre Precincts rezoned

    25 March, 2013
    The South West Growth Centre has had 3 Precincts rezoned as of Friday 15 March  2013 .  These apply to Camden LGA as follows:
    Austral Leppington North Precincts
    The Austral Leppington North Precinct Planning Package takes effect from Friday 15 March with the gazettal (notification) of the State Environmental Planning Policy.  Austral Precinct is located within the Liverpool LGA.  Leppington North Precinct is located partly within Camden and Liverpool LGAs.
    The finalised Precinct Planning package for the Austral & Leppington North Precincts, which consists of the Indicative Layout Plan,  technical studies and reports is available on the Department's website:     (the website needs to be corrected to show it is a gazetted precinct plan).
    Work is underway to finalise the Section 94 Contributions Plan for Leppington North.
    For the Development Control Plan (DCP) to take effect an advertisement needs to go into the local papers notifying the public that the DCP commences operation.  The DPI has advised that it is intended for the DCP to take effect from Wednesday 27 March (subject to confirmation).  The DCP will then be uploaded to websites.
    This rezoning establishes the planning framework for the Leppington Major Centre, the majority of which is located within the Camden LGA.  This Centre will be the primary focus for employment, retailing, entertainment and community services in  the South West Growth Centre.  It will progressively become a major centre as established in the State Government’s Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036.  The centre will be focused on the rail station which will reinforce its role as a regional employment hub.
    Leppington North Precinct is the first of Camden's Growth Centre Precinct where significant land fragmentation (multiple land owners) will be confronted as part of the development roll-out.  Land fragmentation is likely to mean that the development roll-out will be particularly intensive for Council to manage.  It is also anticipated that Council will need to deliver more infrastructure and public facilities compared to say, Oran Park, where lead developers have agreed with Council that they will deliver the majority of these things.
    East Leppington Precinct
    The East Leppington Precinct Planning  Package has also been gazetted today, as it relates to Camden and Campbelltown Local Government Areas.
    The full suite of documents can also be found on the Department of Planning's website.
    This rezoning establishes the planning framework for the  East Leppington Precinct , the majority of which is located within the Campbelltown  LGA
    Within the Camden LGA, there will be approximately 600 dwellings, open space network, conservation of a significant stand of Cumberland Plain Woodland, Drainage facilities and the widening of Camden Valley Way and St Andrews Road.
    The landholding within Camden is controlled by 2 landholders who are expected to work together in the rollout of the Precinct.  Due to the LGA boundary, there will be a need to continue to work closely with Campbelltown Council in the development phase of the Precinct.
    Zoning and related mapping information
    The zoning and related mapping information is available on IFM titled Camden Growth Centres SEPP 15-3-13.  This information should be relied upon for staff use only.  Can you please advise LIS if you need this layer added to your IFM view.