Monday, 22 April 2013

NSW Central Coast School land won't be 'rezoned and sold off' in Bateau Bay, education department says

            School land won't be 'rezoned and sold off' in Bateau Bay, education department says

Bateau Bay Public School
The Education Department has denied there is no truth to claims that areas of land surrounding Bateau Bay Public School will be rezoned and sold off. Picture: Peter Clark Source: NewsLocal
CLAIMS that land surrounding Bateau Bay School will be rezoned and sold off have been ruled out by the Education Department.
In State Parliament last week Greens MP Dr John Kaye accused the government of planning to sell off public school land including Bateau Bay.
Dr Kaye said Finance Minister Greg Pearce refused to rule out selling public school land to "fatten up the state's accounts".
He said he was asking questions after concerned parents from the school had contacted him.
"The minister let the cat out of the bag," Dr Kaye said.
"Public schools like Bateau Bay are firmly in the sites of Treasury's bean counters."
An Education Department spokesperson said the department had no plans to sell the Bateau Bay Public School site.
"Any claim to the contrary is simply wrong, as is the allegation made recently in the NSW Parliament that the department has a list of Central Coast public school sites for sale," he said.
Rezoning was just being standardised.
The Entrance state Liberal MP Chris Spence said Dr Kaye was not dealing with facts.
"Nothing has changed," he said.
"The government is not selling off public land.
"He is stirring up people's emotions."
A Wyong Council spokesman said the land was not being rezoned.
The land had always been zoned 2a, low density residential and, under the new LEP, would be zoned R2 which is also low density residential.