Monday, 29 July 2013

QLD Wandoan secures extra water licence for growing population

 Wandoan secures extra water licence for growing population

The Western Downs town of Wandoan will now have enough water for 5,000 people, after the Queensland Government allocated the council an extra water licence.
The proposed Glencore-Xstrata mine and coal seam gas activity have pushed the town's population to about 800.
Water portfolio councillor George Moore says the extra 400 megalitres a year guarantees supply for the town which is totally dependent on underground reserves.
"It will allow us to plan the development of the town of Wandoan with confidence knowing that we do have a secure water supply," he said.
"Basically the Great Artesian Basin is the only alternate water supply and we've been lucky enough to secure an additional allocation."
Cr Moore says the council expects a spike in demand for potable water.
"It is very exciting, we hope to hear back on the one in Miles before Christmas," he said.
"With the Wandoan allocations we're currently servicing an equivalent person, EP, population around seven or eight hundred with the resource industry that's drawing off the town at the moment and with this extra allocation we'll be able to handle up to 5,000."