Tuesday, 30 July 2013

WA P i l b a r a P r o p e r t y T o u r

Kick the Red Dirt
Call Keith Daddow:   0428 566 344 mention this iloveproperty.net post to get the prices below.

Keith and I have both worked on information to investors of deal in WA
Macro has a range of products including land and also off the plan developments.
Off the Plan developments gives you basically a turn key package.
If you want to get an off the plan in WA then I suggest that you use the people I know
This is not a plug or an add, just simply passing information on from a source in WA that
I have known for many years now and I like the way he takes care of business.
You know have to ask yourself the question.
Would this tour be educational. Answer YES
Will they show me properties to buy off them . Answer YES
Does Macro have a good reputation. Answer YES
Is Keith a cool dude. Answer YES  LOL
Is their an obligation to buy a property Answer No. But they will show you Opportunity.

But seriously many people I know have gone on the tour and I know everyone said they learnt lots. Actually they come back telling me more new things every time they go.
Tell Keith that you read my blog ww.iloveproperty.net and you want the low down on the
best deals he has. Keith know how to take care of investors and the people that asked me and I told them to talk to Keith to get some info have thanked me for the reference.

P i l b a r a   P r o p e r t y   T o u r

Tour Highlights

i Tour of Newman, Karratha, Port Hedland and South Hedland

i Exclusive 90-minute tour of BHP Mount Whaleback Mine Tour

i Take in the natural beauty of Karijini National Park

i Comprehensive update on current Pilbara market condiƟons

i Complete overview of the Pilbara rental market

i Network with other experienced property investors

i Wholesale off-market investment opportunities