Saturday, 31 August 2013

NSW Leichhardt set for BOOM in Summer.

NSW Leichhardt set for BOOM in Summer.

Why !!! Because it always does !!!!
Why !!! 4 Train Stops on new executive Light Rail.

Why executive .... The new light train goes straight to the City.... 
To stereotype it more.... suits going to office on nice new train with other suits 

skiping the traffic.
Below are your suits... 20-39 year olds 39%

Here are stats on Leichhardt from APM.

I have done some developments in Leichardt and held some too.
But when I sell, I sell in Summer and buy urgent sales in late December.

Look above the January Spike happens every year.
My top agent is Mark Bowis who is now with McGraph.
He knows the buyer's market.
I use Mark when ever I am buying a property and basically say to him , 
"Mark what do I need to do to this to get the best price"
Mark agrees with me that investing in this town can only bring better Capital Growth.
He definitely has the buyer's wanting new Luxurious Properties.

So buy something not so flashy and do it up. 
Follow marks advice . 
Do exactly as he said and you are sure to win.
I am pretty proud of a development we sold to Boystown.
Thanks Mark all your advice and Monique from belle for all your help.

My own experience with this suburb has been that it is just getting better and better.
I now see the council letting people turn industrial areas into Residential. That's a gold mine.
here are some top buys.
They are not sold yet..... so I have no idea how much they will fetch and if there is any profit in it, BUT 
they could be good. Here is an example just so you know what I mean.

sold properties.... maybe I could have redeveloped , now I see that commercial land can be redeveloped