Tuesday, 5 November 2013

MUST HAVE Getting an online telephone number WHY DO YOU WANT IT!!!!

MUST HAVE Getting an online telephone number.
Why would you need this?

1. Going to Bali want to redirect Australian Phone Number to an Online Phone Number so I can
still receive calls here and not pay fee's.
Tip 1. Enable Flight mode and keep it on.
Enable Fight mode on my iPhone  but also enable wifi at the same time.
and not use Cellular data or calls . But keep Wifi on and still get my phone calls.
Use hotel wifi or buy a sim with lots of data.

BONUS !!!!  With the online phone I tell you about you can also set up Voicemail to get messages and also set up email alerts when you have new messages.

2. Good to always have an online number for creative deals. You can give people this spare number so when you see the phone ringing with your online phone you know its response to those creative deals.

3. You are buying overseas (USA) and you get an online USA phone number that actually looks like a USA number , BUT you are in Australia and you receive the phone call or messages online so they never know you are not in USA.

4. You at a bar and some opposite or same sex (yeah baby very open here ...ian sorry But I was not interested ) wants your phone number. You give them this number and let it go to voicemail.
Or less sexy, your kids want their own phone number, you get them the $10 plan , they use it in 1 hour and then run out but friends with credit call them on the online number and they just use the data. This way they still have a phone number.

Ok who wants to know how.

I tell you after this add break.


1. Skype is online and uses data. Works on Wifi connection. Yes you can also make calls with Skype
program to normal phone numbers in Australia and just pay Skype fee. Yes there is a cost. Las time I checked $24 for 3 months for number. Phone rates are cheap too to make online to normal phone number.

So the easy way go to this link and get a Skype PHONE NUMBER , yes an actual PHONE NUMBER. Even better you select what state you want it in or country. So in Brisbane Queensland you get a 07 prefix. or Sydney you get a 02 prefix.


Now you have to have credit bought through Skype to make non Skype numbers. But you get online calls for free and to Skype numbers or just Skype friends. Skype online number is included in buying the number.

What will happen when you get calls? If you have logged in to Skype (your app on your iPhone) the the wifi is enabled and you get the call.
Tricky Bit Voice Mail.
Just do this on your MAC , load up the Skype on your Mac Desktop or Laptop and go to settings and record voicemail message.

Now if Skype is not logged in it will go to this voicemail. You can also setup email alert when you have new voicemail.

I hope this is simple enough. The Basics again.
Get Skype....
Click the link....
Buy the number ....
divert your mobile to that new Aussie online Skype Number..
Go overseas.....
Turn on Flight mode so Global roaming never activates.....
Turn on Wifi and put in local wifi password...
Set up voicemail message on Skype app on your Computer not iPhone .
Turn app Skype app on on your iPhone .
Remember before you leave Australia to divert your Aussie mobile number to your Skype Number.
Do this day before to test it works.

If you need more support, google your questions , many many answers....