Thursday, 21 November 2013

Vic Melton 3337 Outlook Ride residents furious over land rezoning

Vic Melton 3337 Outlook Ride residents furious over land rezoning

13:49:PM 19/11/2013

Kurunjang residents have slammed Melton council’s decision to seek approval to rezone land for a 75-lot housing development in Outlook Ride.

There is only one road in and out of the area and they fear the proposed development will add to traffic snarls and prove catastrophic in the event of an emergency.

At its September meeting, the council approved developer Peyton Waite’s application to have 5.2 hectares on Outlook Ride and Gunnawarra Road rezoned from low-density residential to residential 1 to enable the development to take place.

Gail Larkin, who has lived in the area for 26 years, said residents had been left in the dark over the plans.

“The council says it has been open in the whole process, but no one had been notified,” she said. “They have swept it under the carpet.”

Ms Larkin said the development would change the look and “country feel” of the area.

Cr Broden Borg, who voted against the plan, said several concerned residents had contacted him.

“I have safety concerns as it will create more traffic and cause severe safety issues,” he said. “What happens if there is a fire? How do you get out of the area?”

The council has sought Planning Minister Matthew Guy’s approval to rezone the land and allow for public consultation. A planning department spokesman said the proposed amendment was open to public comment until November 24.

“Council will review submissions and, if they cannot be resolved, may request the minister for planning to appoint an independent panel to consider the amendment and submissions,” he said.

Melton planning services manager Bob Baggio said the council had notified a large number of residents living near the site.

“Affected residents also have an opportunity to view any documentation relating to the proposal at the council offices or discuss any issues,’’ he said.