Friday, 20 December 2013

Decision on Moranbah mine accommodation

Decision on Moranbah mine accommodation

Brisbane 18 December 2013. Queensland’s Coordinator General has approved important changes to an accommodation village near Moranbah that houses employees for BMA’s Caval Ridge mining project, bringing closure to a key issue affecting the delivery of the project.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney said the decision from Coordinator General Barry Broe allows for common sense changes to be made to a development approval for the Buffel Park Workers Accommodation Village.

“This decision brings certainty to the future of this complex after years of being caught up in complicated state and local planning processes that Labor failed to resolve,” Mr Seeney said.

“After careful consideration of the views of the local council and the company concerned, the Coordinator General has approved the development application by mine owners BMA, allowing for 900 rooms of the 1945-room village to be utilised on a permanent basis, subject to effective and reasonable conditions.

“It will improve the accommodation options for construction, operational and maintenance workers associated with the $3.7 billion Caval Ridge mine.”

Mr Seeney said the Caval Ridge Mine was declared a prescribed project on 17 September 2013, enabling the Coordinator General to “step in” to become the decision maker following concerns that proposed changes were being unnecessarily delayed.

“BMA had expressed concern that a number of the conditions imposed by Council were inconsistent with conditions previously set by the Coordinator General,” he said.

“There were also questions regarding the reasonableness and relevance of some of these conditions.

“I am confident that, in making this decision, the Coordinator General has thoroughly reviewed all available information and consulted appropriately with all parties on this challenging matter for the community.

“I strongly encourage the company and the local Council to continue to work together to ensure Moranbah is a vibrant, prosperous community that enjoys the economic growth that mining delivers.”

The Buffel Park Workers Accommodation Village has approvals in place to construct 1945 rooms, with 1380 rooms currently constructed and occupied. The material change of use decision by the Coordinator General allows 900 of the previously approved temporary accommodation units to be used on a permanent basis.

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