Thursday, 30 January 2014

Get Google Maps offline SAVE DATA COSTS

Get Google Maps offline

Ok how does this work and why is bit useful.

Yes every time you use google map especially on those long trips to Mornabah and back and
you use Google maps on your iPhone iPad, it is constantly using data.
So save data costs and just cache the map.
Do this from a Wifi point, not using your phones data plan.

How to do it simple.
Put the map up on your device and zoom in or out for the coverage area.
Now in the search bar type "ok map" . Thats it !! Now you can switch off data on your device and it will just use the downloaded map to show you around. The GPS will work fine with out internet access and the map is downloaded so no data being used.

Watch video if need more help. Thanks ethan...
click link

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