Friday, 3 January 2014

NSW Southwest Sydney to get 3200 homes

Southwest Sydney to get 3200 homes

Mr O'Farrell on Saturday announced that land at Catherine Field on Sydney's southwest fringe had been rezoned and will be the site for 3200 new homes.

The government says blocks of land will go on sale from 2014, with homes available in 2015.
Speaking at nearby Oran Park Town, Mr O'Farrell said he was "absolutely" confident there would be enough local infrastructure to support the development.
"We're releasing the land that people need ... but also at the same time delivering the schools, sewerage lines, the local roads, the major roads but also the railway lines," Mr O'Farrell said alongside Treasurer Mike Baird and Planning Minister Brad Hazzard.
Mr O'Farrell said unlocking the land was part of creating a "modern miracle" for the region.
"We're building homes and at the same time building the infrastructure that those families who will live in those homes need."
Mr Hazzard said it was the seventh "major rezoning" undertaken by the government in three years.
"The critical issue to drive down prices is the availability of houses," he told reporters.
"Turning paddocks into opportunities for people to have homes is what this government is about."
He estimated up to a million people would move to southwest Sydney by 2031.
Mr Baird said the release showed the housing sector was "on the move".
"That is good news for the overall economy ... It's good news for first-home buyers and it's obviously good news for anyone out here today who's looking to purchase a home," he said.
He said new homeowner grants for first homebuyers were up 80 per cent in 2013.
"That's a significant move forward," he added.


The Catherine Fields (Part) Precinct was rezoned for urban development in December 2013.

Catherine Fields (part) Precinct was one of two Precincts released for planning by the NSW Government in August 2011 under the Precinct Acceleration Protocol.
Located in Sydney’s South West, adjacent to Oran Park and Turner Road Precincts, the Catherine Fields (Part) Precinct totals some 320 hectares. The future community will benefit from:
  • Land for approximately 3,200 homes and over 10,000 residents
  • 1 primary school
  • 1 neighbourhood centre
  • 50 hectares of open space, recreation and environmental conservation areas
  • Developer commitment to provide essential infrastructure in stages
  • Upgrades to Oran Park Dive and construction of Rickard Road extension
  • Protection of Oran Park House
  • Conservation of significant vegetation along creeks
  • New pedestrian and cycle links
An FAQ containing more information is available.

Precinct Plan

Following the formal exhibition period of the draft Precinct Planning package and extensive consultation with the community, stakeholders and agencies, the Precinct Plan has been amended to:
  • Increase the amount of land zoned for residential development.
  • Reduce the amount of land required for drainage infrastructure, while still ensuring that appropriate standards are maintained.
  • Review land identified for open space
  • Re-align the route of Rickard Road to run alongside the electricity easement and to improve the road for bus operation
  • Review the layout and nature of roads, parks and housing types around Oran Park House to better integrate heritage conservation with future development
  • Simplify and consolidate the controls under the Growth Centres SEPP and the Development Control Plans that now apply to the land.
A copy of the final Indicative Layout Plan and more information is contained in the Guide to Rezoning brochure.

What does the rezoning mean for land owners?

The State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 (the Growth Centres SEPP) has been amended, meaning that the land has been rezoned and new planning controls now apply.
Although land has been rezoned, land owners do not have to sell or develop their land. Land owners can choose to develop all or part of their property or not to develop at all. Under ‘existing use rights’, land owners can continue with current uses (provided the use is already lawfully commenced).
Land zoned specifically for infrastructure purposes, will be acquired by the relevant acquisition authority over time and when required. For more information on the compulsory acquisition process and matters for consideration, see the Land and Property Information’s website.

Next steps

The rezoning is accompanied by a Development Control Plan (DCP), which sets out the standards and requirements for particular types of development will become available shortly.
Section 94 Contributions Plan, which details the local infrastructure required to support development has been prepared by Camden Council.  For further information, please contact Camden Council on (02) 4645 7777.
The Department will continue to work with land owners, developers, Council and infrastructure delivery agencies to assist in the development of the Precinct after rezoning.


The finalised precinct planning package is available below. 
Technical Studies:
The previously exhibited draft plans and Exhibition Guide  remain available to view here.
The amended State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 and maps relating to zoning are available on the NSW legislation website.