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BRISBANE Interim flood level maps - TLPI

 Interim flood level maps - TLPI


Following the January 2011 flood event, Brisbane City Council responded by adopting Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) 01/11 Brisbane Interim Flood Response, and subsequently, the TLPI 01/12 Brisbane Interim Flood Response. These planning instruments have successfully allowed flood-affected residents in Brisbane to re-establish their homes while improving flood resilience.
On 26 March 2013 Council adopted the Brisbane Interim Flood Response (PDF - 300kb) into the Brisbane City Plan 2000. This amendment came into effect on 16 May 2013.
This change allows Council to provide continued guidance and certainty for the community in relation to residential development and building in flood-affected areas. Furthermore, this amendment maintains the Interim Residential Flood Levels (PDF - 300kb) for new residential development in flood-affected areas. It also maintains the additional height benefits and reduced levels of assessment of the previous TLPI. Only minor changes have been made since TLPI 01/12 to make it more user friendly.
The interim flood level as defined in the Brisbane City Plan 2000 is the highest of either the January 2011 flood or the existing Defined Flood Level. You can find the January 2011 flood levels from the TLPI Flood Maps, and find the existing Defined Flood Levels from the TLPI Brisbane Interim Flood Response maps.

Temporary Local Planning Instrument maps

To see if your property was covered by the Brisbane River flood in January 2011, select the approximate location of your property on the map. A more detailed map will display showing if the Brisbane Interim Flood Response (PDF - 300kb) provisions apply to your property.

Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) area maps
TLPI map 1 (PDF - 946kb) TLPI map 2 (PDF - 398kb) TLPI map 3 (PDF - 1.5Mb*) TLPI map 4 (PDF - 675kb)
TLPI map 5 (PDF - 2.65Mb*) TLPI map 6  (PDF - 1.5Mb*) TLPI map 7  (PDF - 1.2Mb*) TLPI map 8  (PDF - 3Mb*)
TLPI map 9 (PDF - 2Mb*) TLPI map 10 (PDF - 685kb) TLPI map 11 (PDF - 802kb) TLPI map 12 (PDF - 881kb)
TLPI map 13 (PDF - 1.9Mb*) TLPI map 14 (PDF - 2Mb*) TLPI map 15 (PDF - 792kb) TLPI map 16 (PDF - 1.1Mb*)
TLPI map 17 (PDF - 1.3Mb*) TLPI map 18 (PDF - 1.8Mb*) TLPI map 19 (PDF - 1.5Mb*) TLPI map 20 (PDF - 1.2Mb*)
TLPI map 21 (PDF - 1.6Mb*) TLPI map 22 (PDF - 1.6Mb*)
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Individual TLPI flood maps

To find out if your property is covered by the Brisbane Interim Flood Response due to Brisbane River (other than the January 2011 Brisbane River flood), waterway or creek flooding, download a TLPI flood map by selecting your suburb from the dropdown box below.

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Note about the interim flood line

The flood line on the maps has been created by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection with input from Brisbane City Council. The flood line was created using aerial flood imagery taken between 13-15 January 2011 and pre-flood aerial imagery. The determination of the location of the flood line depended largely on image quality and the ability to identify feature detail.
Inaccuracies may exist particularly in the Brisbane CBD area due to high rise buildings, areas of heavy vegetation along the river banks and low lying flat areas near the mouth of the Brisbane River. For the purpose of the Brisbane Interim Flood Response provisions in the Brisbane City Plan 2000 the extent of the January 2011 Brisbane River flood (flood line) is fixed.

For mapping queries, visit the Queensland Reconstruction Authority website.