Saturday, 15 February 2014

Great work Guys sub divide where others did not !!!!

Great work Guys sub divide where others did not !!!!
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I am very impressed with my friends Jan and Don. They have done it again.
they are the Ultimate Achievers literally.

I meet Jan and Don while ago studying with Dymphna Boholt and straight away feel in love with their passion and energy. They continued with their journey with property investing and development.
Many give up or just don't have a good experience with their first deal.
It really does come down to following the steps with your mentor and keeping up education.

What have these guys been up too?

Well they found a large block in a Brisbane Suburb which every one passed on because it had a sewage line right through the middle of it. EVEN ME !!!!! arghhh , that's ok , I reward their ingenuity.

The pictures below actually show you the block they are sub dividing.
They have also done something special here.
They are sharing this journey with several other people as seen in the photo's.
This makes me very excited seeing so many people smiling and enthusiastic to be part of the learning process.

What Jan and Don are doing is holding hands with this group of students and going on the journey with them. They are a TEAM EFFORT. They sharing every little bit of information with them to guide them through the whole process.

Property investing and development is scary at first , so they are taking this fear away.

This is not a all pool money in deal, they just see the whole process then they can use their own money to find one that is similar. They purely just learn the whole process ON SITE, no risk high rerwards I say.

This is a new idea that they came up with and I was keen to check out their site progress and share time with educating people.
Jan and Don asked me to come and talk to these new budding crew and share my experiences with these deals too.
I am really impressed with the team that has chosen to go on this journey with them.
The confidence in the crowd here and the knowledge they where telling me from this project was really impressive.
I know that each one of them will gain the extra confidence to replicate these learning and produce profitable well managed deals of their own.

Their group of followers here on the site are dead keen to change their life and get more knowledge on property development. Again, the energy here on this learning experience was amazing. Each person here will see the site develop week by week.

Ok so pictures below shows the site.
Don explaining what you should be prepared for on a work site.

 pictures below shows the Civil Engineer showing what he will be doing today
pictures below shows the new moved sewage line

Again thanks Jan and Don for sharing this experience and keeping the dream alive and taking time every day to keep the knowledge flowing from what you have learnt to others. 
Thats what it is really all about, taking what you have learnt and using those skills, but , always passing on that knowledge and sharing.