Saturday, 8 February 2014

NSW Shire zoning concerns stop Cronulla Carpets store plans

 Shire zoning concerns stop Cronulla Carpets store plans

FURNISHINGS retailer Cronulla Carpets has appealed against a rezoning condition it says would prevent it redeveloping its landmark store at Taren Point.
"Our family has had this property since the mid-1970s," general manager Anthony Casaceli told a draft local environmental plan review hearing.
"We live and breathe it; we know what happens down there.
"Everyone knows it's a landmark location and the gateway to the shire.
"Every day I get phone calls from people saying: 'When are you going to build on it, because we need more bulky goods.'
"We know it looks shabby because we have buildings that were built in the 1960s which are just about falling down.
"We want to see glass all the way through, but while it is zoned industrial why would you be putting in glass?"
The 2007 LEP rezoned the area industrial, confining bulk goods warehouses to the eastern side of Taren Point Road.
As an existing occupant, Cronulla Carpets was able to maintain its business.

The 2013 draft LEP maintained the industrial status, but the revised document rezoned it for bulky goods warehousing on the condition it was amalgamated with two adjoining properties.
Mr Casaceli said that was unlikely "any time soon" because of the number of properties involved. One was strata titled.

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