Lytton and Wynnum Roads in the area slated for widening Lytton and Wynnum Roads in the area slated for widening
A staggering $30 million of the $60 million being spent to widen Wynnum Road near Mowbray Park will be spent resuming front yards and possibly some of Brisbane's most expensive homes
The full project could cost more than $150 million.
Roadworks along the exclusive inner-city section of Wynnum Road - already one of Brisbane's most congested - will be severe and will take several years when work starts in late 2016.
The $30 million figure was revealed in Brisbane City Council chambers on Tuesday for the first time after Labor councillors quizzed lord mayor Graham Quirk about the route he announced six weeks ago.
On February 4, Cr Quirk announced the four-lane Wynnum Road will be widened to five lanes; three lanes inbound and two wider lanes outbound.
Stage One runs between Mowbray Park on Lytton Road to the Canning Bridge at Norman Park, while Stage Two runs from the Canning Bridge to Hawthorne Road, which runs to Bulimba.
Work will start in 2016-17 after community consultation.
Labor councillors Shayne Sutton and Helen Abrahams pressed the lord mayor to outline the impact on 63 homes in Stage 1 of the project.
Some Norman Park residents who have contacted Cr Sutton have spoken about losing two metres from their front yards.
However it was deputy mayor and infrastructure committee chairman Adrian Schrinner who shocked the chamber by revealing the cost of resumptions.
"This will give councillors some idea of why this project is so challenging," Cr Shrinner said.
"Out of the $60 million, it is estimated that half of that will involve property resumptions," he said.
"So around $30 million of that $60 million will simply involve property resumptions."
Cr Shrinner said that the resumptions may not include houses on the blocks.
"Not all those properties are full resumptions of properties, some are partial resumptions," he said.
Cr Shrinner said residents in Norman Park - further along Wynnum Road - should be aware resumptions would be needed in Stage Two works, which are still being planned.
"We are talking about very expensive property along that section of Wynnum Road, but we can't widen Wynnum Road, if we don't have enough space."
Bulimba Ward councillor Shayne Sutton - who supports the road widening project - said the resumption figure was a shock.
"The $30 million resumption figure was a figure much higher than anyone anticipated," Cr Sutton said.
"Which is why I think it is important that the LNP administration be upfront with residents who have property along this section of road."
Cr Abrahams - who also backs the project - said traffic congestion would be a massive problem.
"The congestion alongWynnum Road coming into the city would be one of the top five congested roads in the city," Cr Abrahams said.
"I'm very aware that the work has to be undertaken in Lytton Road, but then it must continue on Wynnum Road, which is the point of maximum congestion."
Earlier Cr Quirk defended the fact that the two local Labor councillors still had not been able to see the file on the Wynnum Road project, six weeks after he had made the announcement.
He said the work was in Cr Abraham's ward, not in Cr Sutton's ward.
However it was later revealed that Stage One work is in Cr Abrahams Gabba ward, while the Stage Two works are in Cr Sutton's Morningside ward.
"This is a project that goes through the Morningside Ward and the Gabba Ward and I am a local councillor affected by this project."
Cr Quirk drew laughs from his side of the chamber.
"No, no, no, no. It does not," Cr Quirk said.
But maps show the two-stage project does run through both wards and councillors Sutton and Abrahams accused Cr Quirk of misleading the council chamber.