Saturday, 5 April 2014

Best PDF Reducer for MAC - A MUST HAVE !!!!!!!! cost $2.95c

Best PDF Reducer for MAC - A MUST HAVE !!!!!!!! cost $2.95c
Why do you need it.
YOU WILL NEED IT ....Believe me , there will be a day you will have a huge PDF file and
you need to send it back , be a contract or a special condition. ETC and you will be glad you could send a 3 megabyte file instead of a 15 megabyte file.

Below is the link

Below is a photo showing the program.
I use it all the time to submit offers on contracts.
I get the contract.
Print the contract.
Sign the contract.
Rescan the contract.
Then I use this to reduce the size to about 1.2 MB instead of 11MB.
I then email the agent and I know that they got it because it is a size that it will go through quickly and end up on their email server.
You don't get the "oh maybe it was too big" or "it was too big and my email server running on could not accept that file."
Now it just works.
Same thing happens with Plans etc.
The beauty of this program is you can change the reduction and actually see it's live quality.