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Husband and wife can obtain life insurance via their SMSF and link the two policies so they only pay one policy and stamp duty fee.

Husband and wife can obtain  life insurance via their SMSF and link the two policies so they only pay one policy and stamp duty fee.

We recently sat down with a Wealth Manager RYAN KEIGHER  in Paddington QLD. 
They are in QLD but with insurance its an Australia Wide thing so no problems calling them on the phone if you are out of state.
I immediately liked talking to Ryan as he had some smart advice and some CLEVER options that could save us money.
We talked about SMSF and Life Insurance options.
We combined our insurance as a couples life insurance and now halved the rate with the same Payout Benefit. 

They also do the SMSF investment into shares etc. But they said if we are property investors and want to invest ourself in property instead then they 
happy to just get us a great life insurance and be there if we need anything else. RYAN is your man , so if your talking to him to get your quote.
mention Jason and Amy’s clients and their joint life insurance deal is something you want a quote on.

Here is a email from Ryan explaining about Insurance etc.
There are a number of different strategies that can be adopted when taking out any type of insurance policy.  
For example, a husband and wife can obtain  life insurance via their SMSF and link the two policies so they only pay one policy and stamp duty fee.
For property investors, it is crucial that you are financially secure for the unexpected in the event of illness or injury.  Not only providing emotional and financial peace of mind, it will also provide you with the ability to continue to pursue your property investing objectives. 
Income Protection Insurance cover will pay a regular income if a person is unable to work due to illness or injury.  The maximum benefit is usually 75% of the person’s salary package.  Different strategies are adopted to maximise your levels of cover according to your term of employment ie. full-time employee or self-employed. 
Trauma/Critical Illness Insurance cover provides a lump sum payment for a person who suffers a major specified health trauma such as but not limited to cancer, heart attack and stroke.  These funds can be used to pay for reduce debt, medical treatment or to meet living expenses.
All of the above mentioned insurance products except Trauma/Critical Illness Insurance can be held via your superannuation fund or SMSF.  Dependent on your own personal situation and objectives, it may be advantageous to structure your insurance policies to be paid via your superannuation fund or SMSF.  Some of the benefits include:
·         Tax-effective – insurance premiums are paid from the lower taxed environment in super (15%) compared to being paid by your after-tax income which is taxed at your marginal tax rate (32.5% - 45%)
·         Salary sacrifice – you can also make contributions to your superannuation fund under a salary sacrificing arrangement which will not only reduce your taxable income but also fund your insurance premiums
·         Cash-flow – as your superannuation pays the insurance premiums, you gain access to the adequate levels of insurance cover without the financial burden on your cash flow budget
·         Discounted insurance – due to economies of scale, you gain access to purchase insurance policies at a lower rate

Astute Wealth Management is able to assist property investors with insurance, superannuation, SMSF, wealth creation, retirement planning, budgeting, cash flow management, ethical investing, mortgages and general insurance.


Ryan Keigher B.Bus(Mktng&IntBus), DipFP
0402 645 573
Financial Adviser – Authorised Representative of WealthSure
Astute Wealth Management Pty Ltd
Corporate Authorised Representative of WealthSure

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