Friday, 5 September 2014

My Desktop Tricks Revealed. What hardware and software do I use. !!!!!!

My Desktop RP Data Tricks Revealed. What hardware and software do I use. !!!!!!
If your getting this via email. Click Blue Title text to see pictures since this post is all about the pictures.

I have a MacBook Pro and it has a Monitor Out Cable. (like all Laptops)
I then have a 29" Widescreen Monitor. Why Because it is the best way to work Multiple Windows.

Below is the link to the monitor if you want to buy this. It the Asus MX299Q 29" $578.00
you can get from any store Umart store go to
What does it look like

Ok so What software do I have on the screen
Here is a picture below. MUST HAVE RPDATA all 3 Maps are RP DATA on left and Far Right Is Google Earth and Council.

Click on the actual Picture to view it Larger.
Below Picture you will see the New Features of RP DATA. The Maps on the Left are Rp Data
And the others are Google Earth
Above one tells me City Views ???

Above Map shows me Shadows at Midday ???

Above Map Shows me any obstructions and General Light and Street view.

The other maps are council maps and the middle one was also Rp Data Microsoft View.

I hope you enjoyed this post. 
If you don't have a Real Estate Mapping Software yet you can get a club 
membership which included RP Data at and if you do expect to get monthly RP Data Tutorials which I am working on now for all people that sign up. 
I really want people to use this tool to get results, so I decided to supply Video to show how I use it.

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