Saturday, 20 September 2014

My Secret Favourite Sites tell me where prices will rise.

My Secret Favourite Sites tell me where prices will rise.

This website and others below is what I use to find out areas that are on the move.
The areas that are on the move are areas that have not only Housing Growth but Business Growth.

But how do I know if there is going to be a new Large Franchise Outlet moving into the area.

Businesses are very private companies and don't really need the publicity. You are going to find it hard to spy on their next move.

But what if you could find out what millions of dollars of research they invested in could benefit you.
By looking at the website below you can find out their next CALCULATED move.

The information on the website basically tells you where they are investing real serious dollars in Realestate. You can use this knowledge to get a heads up on values of properties of neighbour these areas.
You will have to map out the property and do due diligence.

The website is

This will show you a hint to where they are investing in and might be a good place to do a study on values of property. You can use this information to map out the area they are investing in and see if their are possibilities around.
Below is  a screen shot of the website. (if you get this blog via email click heading to get picture)

I will let you do the homework from here on.
here are some more.

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