Wednesday, 3 September 2014

RP Data just updated Mapping system. EXCELLENT NEW FEATURES

RP Data just updated Mapping system. EXCELLENT NEW FEATURES
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So "Whats New". The Mapping System just had a huge upgrade and is spectacular.
Here are a few Photos to show new FAST , yes FAST features.

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New feature shows all dimensions of property Clearly.
Great for Townhouse Comparable , to see what sizes they separated land into.
Now you can see the dreaded easement in Purple. 
See exact Measure for lot size.

Example of Colour codes.

Introducing the new and improved mapping experience, embedded within the Property Detail page in rp.professional. We’re pleased to say, no more popups!
Our new 'user-friendly' mapping solution delivers a richer experience for you when performing property research. Importantly, it's also accessible on mobile and tablet devices so you have access to the best property data and improved mapping when on the move.
  • Modern map styling and high-resolution imagery
  • Full width view of property imagery, street view, cadastral and aerial imagery
  • Interact directly with the map with immediate results
  • Fast and responsive with no java or plugins required.

What this enhancement means for you:

  • The map now opens to a larger size (in expanded view) so viewing maps is easier providing a clearer picture.
  • As the new map is now embedded in the page, it does not require Java, so will work on all systems/platforms including mobiles and tablets.
  • Maps will load much faster so you get the results you need in less time

Improved Functionality

This is the first phase of a series of mapping improvements that will be delivered to enhance your experience with the use of rp.professional. Right now it delivers the following additional benefits:

Mapping functionality - Mapping view
  • Ease of use - interact directly with the map which is now embedded in the Property Detail page
  • Richer experience - a larger view of the map and the ability to toggle between aerial and road (cadastral) views
  • Mobile ready - now works across all browsers, tablets and mobile devices
  • Customise the view - turn on layers for additional information, including surrounding sales and listings
  • Export the view for use in your own presentations – great for listing ads and signage!