Wednesday, 15 October 2014

NSW School safety concerns as Canterbury Council rezones surroundings

School safety concerns as Canterbury Council rezones surroundings

Canterbury Mayor Brian Robson.
Canterbury Mayor Brian Robson.
The safety and privacy of St Joseph’s Primary School students remains a concern to the Catholic Education Office as the possibility of commercial or high rise development around the site looms.
Canterbury Council approved rezoning the land around the school from residential to business at an extraordinary meeting.
Catholic Education Office regional director of inner western schools Michael Krawec said the office would “keep an eye” on the site.
“Our students take high priority especially coming to school and one of the parts of the rezoning was making Wilson Lane double the size which would allow for big commercial vehicles to come through,” he said.

St Joseph's Primary School, Belmore

“That lane is used by students coming to and from school so it is a safety issue.”
Mr Krawec said privacy from potential multistorey buildings around the school and noise and pollution were other concerns.

The rezone also includes parts of Canterbury Rd, Thompson Lane and Chapel Rd in Belmore.
Canterbury Mayor Brian Robson said “the safety of children is of paramount importance to council.”
“Council will be vigilant in putting in place necessary safety measures,” he said.
“The business zoning permits a wide range of uses, but typically is associated shop top housing.”