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SA New Zone could expose some good property finds.

SA New Zone could expose some good property finds. 
Adelaide Road, and land at Waggon Road.
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Victor Harbor retail rezoning hearing in December 2014

A public hearing about the proposed retail zone changes in Victor Harbor, including the possibility of a new Coles centre, will be held on December 8.
The public can hear from people who put in a submission about the rezoning of land in Victor Harbor for retail purposes at a hearing next month.

The hearing relates to the Makris site at Waitpinga Road, the old TAFE site at Adelaide Road, and land at Waggon Road. It is proposed these parcels of land be rezoned for retail use.
The Times reported in early October that Coles is planning to build a 4000 square metre shopping centre at the old TAFE site, if rezoning and planning is approved.
Public consultation about the land rezoning proposal ran for two months. The City of Victor Harbor received 161 submissions about the proposal. Of these, 127 were against proposed rezoning, 27 were for it, and seven responses were neutral.
A council spokesperson said the hearing is part of state legislation under the Development Act 1993where those who made a submission need to be given an opportunity to speak to it.
A total of 74 people have indicated they wish to speak to their submission. They have a time limit of five minutes to speak at the hearing. It is not known exactly how many will speak to their submission. 
The hearing will be held on Monday, December 8 at the City of Victor Harbor council chambers, 1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor, at 3.30pm.
The public is welcome to attend the hearing. No catering will be provided.
The submissions received during the public consultation period will be presented to council at a future general meeting, following the public hearing.

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Victor Harbor Aldi store petition gains 1000+ signatures

An application for a $5.5 million development comprising an Aldi supermarket, medical rooms and residential dwellings on the corner of Agnes Gillespie Drive and Adelaide Road has been lodged with the City of Victor Harbor.
Aldi is a German supermaket chain.
On August 5, Council’s Development Assessment Panel (CDAP) considered the merits of proceeding with an assessment of the noncomplying application and resolved to proceed with the assessment. The application has not been approved or refused.
The Aldi proposal is separate to the three sites that have been proposed for rezoning and were subject to an eight-week consultation period.
The three sites are the Makris land package at Encounter Bay, Waggon Road and the Old Tafe site on Adelaide Road.
At the conclusion of the consultation period on September 26, there were 161 submissions with 127 against the rezoning for more retail, 27 for, and seven neutral.
Over four weeks, Aldi petition organiser Jo Andrews gathered 1187 signatures in favour of an Aldi supermarket in Victor Harbor.
“Aldi needs to come to Victor Harbor because a store like this will save money for the residents of the Victor Harbor community,” Ms Andrews said.
“It will also attract people from other areas and this will also flow on to other businesses.”
Ms Andrews said Aldi will not impact on small business, only other supermarket chains.
“Aldi has a reputation of being much cheaper than other supermarkets and I have experienced first hand the benefits of shopping at Aldi,” she said.
“When I lived in Victoria I saw what Aldi offered and there was a saving of more than 20 per cent when I shopped there.
“I have never know an unhappy Aldi shopper.”
Ms Andrews presented the petition to council on Thursday, October 16.
City of Victor Harbor city manager Graeme Maxwell said council can do no more than receive the petition.
“We are currently awaiting further documentation from Aldi before their application can proceed to public consultation,” Mr Maxwell said.
“Before the application can be further assessed, the applicant (Aldi) is required to provide council with further information relating to the proposed development including a Statement of Effect.
“Once council receives the additional information from the applicant, the application will be processed as a Category 3 development which involves full public notification.
“It is at the public notification phase that the public will have an opportunity to express their written views on the proposed development.”